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January 3, 2011

This is what happens when you get goosebumps

A key strategy to distinguish your organization from the competitive crowd is to constantly dazzle your customers; blow ‘em away and eave them breathless.

Serve them don’t service them — you service automobiles but you serve people.

The most important way of achieving this objective is to recruit people who “love human beings”. People that have the instinctive desire to serve their fellow homo-sapiens. To take care of them. To satisfy them regardless of what they want.

A person can’t be trained to love people; they are either borne with the nurturing attribute or they are not.

The real issue then becomes how to find these invaluable folks. How to discover people this natural desire to serve.


Here’s a rather simple but so effective way of separating the human being lovers from the fish, or “the grinners” who have been through some type of customer service training program.

First, ask the prospective employee “Do you love human beings?”.

They will realize that this a bit of a trick question but will not know where you are going with it. Fun as the interviewer to say the least. Most people will say “yes” in varying ways, ranging from the declaration “Absolutely” to the positive inference “Sure”. You need to dig deeper.

Next, pose this: “Tell me a story that will show me that you love your fellow humans”.

The responses you get from this request will be of two types: One, “The Intellectualizer” or two, “The People Lover”. The Intelectualizer has figured out what you are up to and will conjure up a story that quite frankly will leave you cold.

The natural-born People Lover, on the other hand will thrill you with a story that will leave you warm all over. Their story will paint a vivid picture of someone who cares about people and who is creative at finding ways to create unforgettable memories for them.

The People Lover will leave you with goosebumps.

Hire for goosebumps and you will never go wrong. Do it. Your fans deserve them.


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