Roy's Blog: October 2013

October 21, 2013

What happens when your strategy is “to head west”?

“Let’s head west” might not be seen by many to be a sound strategy.

Afer all, it is a rather a vague goal; a foggy picture of what it will look like when the destination is reached.

That said, I suggest that it IS a meaningful outcome to achieve, because it is impossible to see what the eventual outcome looks like when it is declared.

Too many variables impossible to account for up front will come into play once the journey “west” is undertaken.

Economic fluctuations. New competitive moves. Changing customer demands. New disruptive technologies.

All impossible to define when a strategy is formulated.

And in fact it is not extremely productive to spend copious amounts of time trying to account for the random and unpredictable upfront.

Define a strategy as best as you can based on what you understand TODAY.

Get it “just about right”

And be open to refining it as you move forward and learn how the execution of the strategy is going.

The execution component will determine the eventual outcome; the strategic destination.

A strategy-in-motion is the only way to achieve the outcome you are destined to achieve.

Be ok with “west” as your direction; you will eventually discover that “Vancouver” was the place you were destined to be all the while.

You just didn’t know it when your journey began.


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October 14, 2013

This is what could happen when you WANT something

I have been around a while. A long career.

And an enjoyable “after-career”.

As I look back,  one thing strikes me.


You need a vision for where you want to “end up” without any idea how you would get there.

I always said to myself that I would be a VP in a large corporation by the time I was 40.

I had no idea of whether this was realistic or not.

All I knew was that I WANTED it.

I achieved it at 39.

To be honest I have no evidence to show that my audacious goal was singularly responsible for my achievement.

But I am convinced that it played a crucial guiding role in the actions I took and decisions I made leading up to the day I was appointed to a VP.

I WANTED to be a VP.

It was a marker for me and it was always on my mind in everything I did.

My advice— declare your WANT.

It may be that once you have advocated it to “the universe” it creates the energy necessary to satisfy it.

We all know gravity exists yet we really don’t know how it works.

Maybe it’s the same for “The Want”.

Want it and maybe, just maybe, you will get it.

What do you have to lose?


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October 7, 2013

What happens when your strategy is “just about right”?

A good strategy starts out with a specific goal.

“We will grow our revenue by 50% over the next 24 months by serving Pharmacies in Ontario. We will win their business everyday by being the ONLY company that grows THEIR revenue.”

Pretty specific. Growth goal defined. Target customers identified. Unique value proposition claimed.

We’re done, right?

Wrong. It’s just the beginning.

A strategy has to be alive.

Even though it is expressed in specific terms, it should be considered directional in nature, open to unpredictable events that might require it to change.

Strategy MUST be “in-motion”.

If you consider your work done once you have articulated your destination, you are in a precarious and risky position.

Show me your strategy document.

Does it have coffee stains on it? Blood stains from a paper cut?

Notes scribbled all over it? Parts of it highlighted?

If “none of the above” is your answer, your strategy is NOT in-motion.

And it probably is NOT advancing the way you expect.


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