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November 19, 2018

How to AMAZE your customers in 4 easy ways

Blowing the socks off your customers is not a one act play; it’s a synchronized series of continuous actions that repeated throughout an organization day in and day out.

Consistently delivering amazing service requires a carefully thought out service strategy, with two essential elements: core service — what you deliver to people — and the service experience — how they feel when it is delivered.

Core service

Core service is the basic product or service you provide the market.
Without core service you don’t have a business. If you’re in the communicationsl business, for example, your core services are defined by your product portfolio and include television entertainment, internet and mobile services as well as billing and repair services.

If you’re in the hospitality world, your core service includes clean rooms, interesting attractions and good food.


Core service is not a source of customer loyalty. Customers expect their internet service to work every time they use it; they are not dazzled when it actually works — I’ve never heard a customer say “WOW! I’ve just sent an email and it was sent through the internet incredibly well — it was delivered just the way I wrote it.”

Likewise I don’t recall anyone saying “OMG! My hotel room was so clean it was a Rembrandt in every way”.

Customers expect your core service to deliver on its promise and work flawlessly every time, and when it does they give you a ‘C’ on your service report card. Meeting expectations earns you and average rating and that’s all.

On the other hand, when the internet service doesn’t work or the hotel room is a mess, the customer is extremely dissatisfied and quickly tell their friends and family how crummy their service provider is.

The bottom line is if you want to earn the right to build a loyal customer base, you must deliver consistent core service as your foundation.

Service experience

The service experience is the critical layer of service that must be “wrapped around” your core service. It’s the FEELINGS layer that answers the question “How do you feel when you receive your provider’s core service?”
— How would you rate the experience of signing up for internet service?
— How do you feel about the cleanliness of your hotel room?
— How’s your patience after waiting 40 minutes in a call center queue for a rep?
— Do you feel honoured and respected by your financial advisor?
— Are your questions met with friendliness and charm by the service people you reach out to?


On the back of consistent core service, the source of customer loyalty is the service experience; dazzling a customer will get you an ‘A’ — or excellent — on your service report card and they will keep coming back and tell everyone else how wonderful you are.

The how to AMAZE formula

AMAZE = deliver consistent and seamless core service for each and every customer transaction PLUS dazzle them when you do it.

How does an organization create dazzling experiences for their customers?

Hire human being lovers

Can you dazzle a customer if your contact employees really don’t like dealing with customers? No — and yet I bet you’ve had an experience with a person in a business that showed indifference and “contempt” for you; unfortunately it happens all too frequently. To say the lease, these engagements are anything but pleasant.

Creating memorable experiences for customers requires employees who want to serve; they want to take care of people.
These are the people that need to be recruited in an organization that want to dazzle their customers. Do your recruit explicitly for this attribute?

Recover: fix the screw up and do the unexpected

Service mistakes happen in any organization; what’s critical, however, is what you do when they occur.
The amazing thing is that customers are more impressed (and remain loyal) after a successful service recovery than if the mistake never happened at all! Which means developing a recovery strategy is critical — yet few organizations do this because they don’t like to admit that mistakes will be made.

What’s the rule for a successful recovery?
Fix the mistake FAST and then blow the customer away by surprising them with something they DON’T expect.
The recovery process begins with “I’m sorry” even if it isn’t your fault, and it finishes with a small personal token to make amends — the key is token; it doesn’t have to be a big expense rather a thoughtful expression of regret.

Dumb rules

Kill dumb rules

Do you have policies that don’t make sense to customers?
The rules, policies and procedures that piss them off royally? Every organization has them but most like to rationalize them as being necessary to meet some internal requirement.
Seek them out — ask your frontline — and modify or get rid of them so they are not a source of aggravation to your customers who desperately want to deal with organizations that are easy to do business with.

Policies and rules should be driven from the customer’s perspective. Engage them in rule formulation; don’t rely solely on internal staff who will typically shape rules to control the engagement process rather than empower it.

Bend your own rules; empower your frontline to “say yes”

You can’t dazzle customers if your frontline is enforcing rules all the time; telling them what they can and can’t do to comply with the company’s position. Saying “NO!” constantly does nothing to endear someone to you; it’s a de-dazzling event that won’t encourage any sense of loyalty.
Allow your customer contact people — and systems — a certain amount of flexibility to bend the rules when it makes sense to do what the customer wants.

Most organizations limit this type of empowerment; they are unwilling to trust that their people will make sensible decisions that will favour the customer AND the company.
When a rule is bent for a customer, they feel listened to, respected and honoured. And they are dazzled when it occurs.

A dazzled customer is a loyal customer who provides a never ending stream of sales to an organization AND pulls their friends with them.

These 4 practical and proven strategies will get you there. Be like no other and follow them.

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