Roy's Blog: August 2012

August 27, 2012

This is what to do with 60 minutes left

How would you spend your last 60 minutes?

What would be your burning priority?

What must you ABSOLUTELY get done?

This is an instructive way to think about how to set priorities personally or as an organizational team member.

Time constraints impose the necessity to EXECUTE if you want something to change.

Pondering won’t do it.

Pontificating delays results. Intellectualizing creates inertia.

Imagine if you approached each day with the “I only have 60 minutes left” mindset.


You would:

1. Sift through all of the POSSIBLE things to do in search of the ONE thing that is absolutely critical.

2. Pour your heart and soul into getting results FAST, and get inner satisfaction immediately.

3. Reach out to people for support, as rarely is a worthwhile objective satisfied through the efforts of a single person.

4. NEVER be distracted and diverted from your mission. No time to waste. Got to stay relentlessly focused.

The clock is ticking.

Decide on the most critical thing that will advance your progress.

Do it with wild abandon. Never look back.

Tick. Tick. Tick….


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August 20, 2012

This is the real reason for a business


In business, what’s the end game? Some say to generate a profit (don’t think so).

Others say to acquire and hold customers (closer).

Organizations should be trying to create these things:


THESE represent the end game.

THEY will result in loyal customers and, yes, a profitable undertaking in the long run.

What business are you in?

If you didn’t mention one of the above, give the question some more thought.


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August 13, 2012

This is what it means to be rare

Ever asked yourself these questions?

— “Am I intelligent?”
— “Am I qualified?”
— “Am I skilled?”
— “Am I competent?”
— “Am I good enough?”
— “Am I capable?”

Probably, at some point in your working life.


But you may not have asked yourself “the rare question”. And yet this is THE most important one to ask of yourself.


— Special
— Unique
— Memorable
— Unforgettable
— One of a Kind
— Distinctive
— A Stand-Out in a crowd

All the qualities of someone who is noticed in the crowd.

Someone who will attract attention.

Who others will notice. Who will have a chance to show what they’ve got BEFORE others more commonplace.


BE the topic of conversation.

BE the object of someones attention.

RaRE is THE prerequisite to success.


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August 6, 2012

3 simple reasons you need a strong strategy hawk

The true success of any strategy lies not in it’s Intent but rather in it’s execution.

Give me a strategy that is just about right that I can flawlessly execute over a pristine one that can’t be executed any day.

Execution is forever drawing the short straw; there are entire departments charged with developing strategy; it’s about time execution gets a fair shake.

You need a voice for execution — the strategy hawk — in an organization to ride herd on execution.

To monitor progress. To kick ass when things are not proceeding as planned.


Someone who has currency in your organization. Who is tenacious. Who has a high pain tolerance.

Here are 3 reasons you need the hawk:

1. Your progress towards your strategic goals won’t be as effective without the role.. Execution requires a pusher. No pusher, little progress, as everyone regresses back to business as usual rather than focusing on the NEW journey.

2. You will waste tons of money due to mis-aligned activities and false starts. The hawk ensures synergy among all the projects and activity going on. Keeps everyone on the same page. Dissipated energy is avoided.

3. Your competitive position will erode as others who choose to have a hawk role will eat your lunch. Lack of execution precision allows your competitors a window to attack you and win business from you. And they will.


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