The nice things people say about my work…


‘’Roy represents a wealth of knowledge in business development and is a living encyclopedia for young aspiring entrepreneurs. Amiable, frank and intuitive - Roy’s advice will resonate with you!’’ — Advice for entrepreneurs

— Nathan Adams, Senior Project Officer, United Nations Association in Canada

“Roy, it has been 8 years since we 1st met - with TELUS when you shared your philosophy. I live it every day, at least in business, and now taking it more thoroughly into my personal life too (including teaching ONLY) to my son as he finishes his last year in Golf Management and Honours Business.”

— Brad Hale, Country Manager — Canada, Spectralink Corp, Toronto Canada

“Brilliant beyond words! Of course! Get the customers to rate your sales people.” — A real simple way to rate sales performance

— Christine Till, LinkedIn Expert, Speaker, Lead Generator, Blogger, Vancouver Canada

“Great piece, Roy! I like the part about reading (wouldn't have found you without that trait). And, the point on loyalty is a standout characteristic. Thanks!” — Now that you’re in, how do you win?

— Jordan Stevens, Digital Marketing Manager, Toronto, Canada

“We haven't met in person, but I've just read your piece in today's Globe and Mail, and it resonated 100%. Thank you for pinning down brilliantly the key ingredients that fuel successful professionals at the start of a new journey!” — Now that you’re in, how do you win?

— Valentin Boinitski, Communications, marketing and reputation management professional, New Brunswick, Canada

“I like the apologizing and the blue jeans parts! Brilliant post.” — 16 steps to be a great sales leader

— Christine Till, The Marketing Mentress, Vancouver Canada

“Well said, Roy. I followed similar advice as a young man. I recall such an interaction with a prosperous land developer, and came away with valuable insights. Thanks for the article.” — How to get an amazing mentor

— Raymond Verlage, Executive Coach and Mentor, Royal Roads University, British Columbia

“Roy - excellent article! Thanks for sharing which I will be doing with my students and clients. Especially, the last two sentences - the bottom line.” — How to get yourself ready for graduation

— Monica Moran, President at Moran & Associates, Harvard Business School, Ontario, Canada

“Your observations and recommendations were right on; timely, accurate and insightful. As the father of two kids in their late 20's, and now working in this field of human capital, it is nice to see some common sense and good advice.” — Why the magic question makes people successful

— Chad Hanna, President and CEO, Career Edge, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

“Your article is the lead story for the week“ — Turn sales into a strategic weapon

— SalesPOP! Purveyors of Prosperity