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April 5, 2019

How to market your business with a limited budget — guest post

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The world of business is a hard journey to invest in. If you are a neophyte entrepreneur, it takes a strong mind and a passionate heart to cope with the changing economy.
At the same time, you also have to be open-minded and innovative when it comes to promoting your business as the competition in the global market is extremely high.

Also, when starting a business, you will probably work on a limited or low budget when it comes to marketing your brand.
To be honest, this is the most common problem of every business owner as they forgot to update the list of advertising methods they can use to sell their product or service.

Hence, this is the best time for you to reflect and step up. You might have problems as you start up your business and market it, but don’t lose hope.

Today, we’ll lift your spirit up by giving you extraordinary ways to market your business even if you have a limited budget.

Invest for scalable advertising channels

According to a recent study conducted by marketers, the best way to promote your business in an inexpensive way is investing in storefront signages.
By working with signage experts like ShieldCo Art, you can produce store signage that best suits your brand.
You can lay out your brand’s vision to them in such a way that they can interpret it and come up with something that’s appealing to the public.

Also, bear in mind that signs are durable and only require low maintenance. So, if you invest this method of advertising your business, you not only gain more customers but at the same time, you save money.

Choose guerilla

One of the most inexpensive ways of marketing your business without investing a lot of money is through Guerilla Marketing.
The term was coined from the book entitled “Guerilla Advertising” which was conceptualized by marketing a product through sabotage, raids, and other ways based on the element of surprise.

In this way, you may employ agents to be on the streets surprising people what your business can do in the most creative way. A flashmob is also effective to get people interested in something that’s happening involving a large crowd.

Evade the social media

The fastest growing platform to market your business is through social media. Nowadays, it is inevitable that people rely on their smartphones in everything that they do. Create advertising pages on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other popular social media platforms.

Produce valuable content

When you have a website and produce valuable content on your page, you are accomplishing two things at the same time.
This means that if your content is relevant, Google will highly rank your page and at the same time you get high traffic. If this happens you increase your chance of gaining customers who would most likely buy your brand.

Promotions, discounts, and giveaways

Realistically, everybody loves discounts and giveaways. Try to create some games online or directly in your shop to engage everyone and entice them to purchase your products and services while at the same time giving a luxury of discounts, promotional deals and giveaways.
This results in a win-win situation between you and your customers.

Tap some partners

If you are working on a very limited budget for marketing, the best way to stretch the value of your dollar is by partnering with other brands that are complementary to your business.
This means working with manufacturers, vendors, and direct suppliers who can carry your brand name whenever they manufacture their product.

At the same time, suppliers may have established their name already to the public and once they carry and promote your brand, it gives a door to open for possible customers.

Feed the media

Whenever the media features your brand it can be called free marketing and your products are given free publicity.

You can hold a press conference, get involved in community service, or donate to a charity. This is the best way to attract the media and when the time comes they’ll interview you about what you have done for the public and you will also get an opportunity to promote your product for free.

Always consider your audience

Having a limited budget to market your product doesn’t have to be a major problem at all if you understand that your primary goal is to promote your business based on what your potential customers need.

Feed your clients with beneficial information, entertain them, and provide what’s necessary.
In this way, they will continue to patronize your brand and would highly recommend your business to other people. This will surely give you an effortless way of advertising and promoting your business.

Ideally, advertising your business with a limited budget is not an impossible thing to achieve.

What you just need is a creative mind that thinks outside the box.

Sylvia Hopkins is a freelance creative writer. Her experience in digital marketing coupled with an interest in tech entrepreneurship makes her a fine contributor in the field of business and internet marketing.

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March 18, 2019

How can small & independent retailers survive? — infographic

We have seen a huge upheaval in retail in the last decade or so. The advent of the Internet means that consumers are the winner with so much choice from literally all over the world to spend their disposable income.

People don’t need to leave their homes to buy any product they desire so obviously this presents a huge challenge to all retailers, no matter their size.

Price too has become a battleground because Internet-only retailers don’t have the extra costs associated with having a physical store, store staff and other related overheads.

They can be leaner models and some then choose to pass those savings onto their customers. Offline and brick and mortar retailers are fighting back but we’ve seen many retailers fail as they simply cannot battle against the lower cost position of the online retail world.

So what about the independent or smaller retailer who doesn’t have the backing of a board, that doesn’t have systems in place to become leaner but do feel their brick and mortar offering has lots to give to consumers in terms of experience and choice?
Do they have a future or are they doomed to fail in the rising challenge of their online only counterparts?

The answer is no, they shouldn’t fail but they definitely need to be really strategic in fighting back. They need to understand those tools and skills available to them to grow and increase their retail business and make their store stand out to customers.

The guys from Storetraffic put this infographic below together that outlines everything you need to know about this niche.

The struggles, the opportunities, they’re all explained in this graphic to hopefully arm these smaller / independent retailers with the tools and knowledge they need to progress and grow.

Check out the full infographic below…

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December 19, 2018

4 silent killer marketing strategies for new age small businesses — guest post

For any small business today, gaining the advantage over your competition can be tough work.

Killer strategy

The sheer scale of competition which exists is quite hard to get over, in any industry. Even the smallest of towns is likely to have at least one competitor waiting for you.

For that reason, getting your marketing strategy just right is so important.

Not sure how to beat the competition as a small business with a limited scope and budget?

Here are some good ideas. Use these, and you can very quickly make a telling impact on your visibility.

Get set up on Google My Business

As the most popular search engine by far, Google is where most of your resources should be going. Google My Business is very important as it
— adds credibility to your business and
— boosts visibility on searches.

It should be a major part of your small/local business advertising strategy. You will soon find that using a tool like GMB works as it allows you to easily rank higher simply by filling in the profile. If you really want to make big gains with GMB, then hiring a social media marketing manager makes a lot of sense.

Simply showing yourself as a professional who has his/her own GMB page, though, will make you seem much more approachable and professional. For that reason, it’s worth trying out.

Optimized correctly, GMB could help you to bring in a huge amount of organic visibility.

Make use of social media


Secondly, make as much use of social media as you can.

With billions of users across platforms like Facebook, you can easily run cost-effective advertising campaigns with huge reach and immense potential.

I recommend that you work with a social media marketing advertising expert to help you get the ads right, though. While they are cost-effective, like any other kind of advertising you will burn through a lot of money if you aren’t sure what you are doing.

However, the ease of ad testing and multiple A/B testing solutions makes it easy for you to find a winning, profitable ad without breaking the bank.

As far as paid-for advertising for small businesses goes, making use of social media is a winner. Don’t try and push forward without a consultation, though, as it’s easy to waste resources without a clear marketing plan in place.

Run a webinar

How often do you find yourself answering the same old questions to customers? Do you wish that you could make it easy to point them to an easily understood, relatively short but fully detailed answer?

Then do a webinar.

These can be easily hosted on live streaming platforms like YouTube, and can make it easy to answer common questions and complaints in your industry. You could use your webinar to help answers common questions, go into detail about an upcoming industry change or simply ask for some feedback from those who are present.

Either way, running a webinar makes a lot of sense as it allows you to showcase your authority and give people information for free. People love value, especially from a small business. With a webinar, you answer questions for them, you give them valuable information (for free) and you prove your expertise.

Awesome, right?


Write an article (or articles)

Want some exposure that will only take you some time to put together? Then write an article. You could send it to local media or local/niche blogs that fits with your business. You can make it easy to get a lot of exposure in a short and simple amount of time – all simply by using your expertise and knowledge.

If you are a good writer, then you can do this yourself and just spend some time writing. If you are not a good writer, then jot down a series of popular and important points and hire a freelancer.

I recommend that you write up a few pieces you can offer to sites right away (though only give one article per website: never send the same piece to two sites unless one rejects it) so that they can see what you are made of as a writer.

Doing this, you can easily boost exposure with people who are interested in what you have to say. You can also make it easier for your business to be seen and for your reputation to grow. You are giving people free advice and information – it’s only natural they’ll be curious to see what else you have to offer.

For any small business wishing to get ahead of the chasing pack, these conventional ideas should make that easy.

Small business marketing does not have to be complex or taxing: simply thinking a little outside the box, or using inside-the-box methods well, can make a huge difference.

So, where will you start?

David Guetta is a entrepreneur and freelance writer. He works closely with B2B businesses providing marketing, business, technology, content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.


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December 14, 2018

5 ways to make the payment process easy for clients — guest post

Millions of people are doing their shopping online on a daily basis. Making it easy for clients to pay for your products and services is surely a cute way of increasing sales and conversions.


This is exactly why you really need to have a good checkout page — where they become paying clients. Making it extremely easy for shoppers to pay on your site will motivate them to return and even refer your business.

Here are 5 ways that can actually make payment process easy for your clients:

Provide a variety of payment methods

This is very important because there are some websites that provide only one payment option. Multiple sources say that over 50% of clients expect you to have a variety of payment options on your checkout page.

Try as much as possible to offer any conceivable payment option available at your disposal. Before you do this, take time to research and make sure you get payment options that your target audience would love.

If you are able to do this, then you will captivate the attention of most people visiting your site. Some good ideas are also allowing for payments from multiple credit cards, direct bank transfers etc.

Make errors easy to fix

It is important to know that mistakes are inevitable; so while shopping on your website, there is the high possibility that someone may make mistakes, which could be forgetting the zip codes, or forgetting to add ‘@’ when writing their email address.

Your job at this point is to fix the error. So, you need to be working with a customer friendly team that will correct the error as fast as possible.

Another good way of helping people to pay is to by saving the personal details they submit — people’s personal information should be handled with utmost confidentiality. Many customers get frustrated when they are asked to resubmit all the information again just because they made one mistake.

Keep distractions to a minimum

Your checkout page is the final step. Many people are busy, they just want to click the ‘buy’ button, pay for the item and leave your site.
So, make sure you don’t distract them from completing their checkout process as quickly as possible.

You can avoid distracting them by making sure you don’t put any advertorial beside the “submit” button, because this may likely be going to distract them. Your number one objective here is to encourage them by showing them the easy process that will allow them to make their payments as fast as possible.


Be flexible with payment type

There are many payment options that are available to customers such as external card readers, vouchers, coupons, checks, credit cards, etc.

All these can help them to make purchases. We are living in a cashless economy, so paying cash is now a thing of the past. If you are a retailer, it could be difficult for you to maintain varied payment options.

However, you will need to do this, because your customer will like you to provide different tender types. So that the customer can have an option of using any suitable payment method. If these options aren’t available, it may be difficult for your customers to return.

Keep in mind that working with varied tender types will require employee training, huge investment in technological options, as well as regular adjustment of your sales system.

The wish of every customer is to have the option of paying in their preferred method, and as a retailer, this is something you must offer.
If you can provide this, you will make your business very attractive and will surely outsmart your competitors.

Reward and recognize clients

Rewarding and recognizing your clients is the surest way of growing your brand. Celebrate them when they buy from you, virtually every customer likes to be appreciated for their contributions to your business.

Make sure you do this so that you won’t give your competitors the opportunity of taking the business away from you.  Ask for your customers’ feedbacks, invite them to a special function, and give them a referral bonus or discounts.

Your site should have a blog section, where you share interesting things happening around your business and niche. Provide value to them by teaching them awesome tips like how to benefit from the opportunities in debt settlement, business, management, technology etc.

Having a good shopping cart will motivate people to click the purchase button. So, do everything humanly possible to make your checkout page easy to use, and highly convenient for users.

Your checkout page is where you turn window shoppers or visitors to paying clients.

Please try to follow the tips described above, and you will not only boost your sales but will also create a great experience for people that come to your site.

— Focused on providing information for anyone in need of debt relief, Jackson Maven writes a blog on debt settlement, debt consolidation, tax debt relief and student loan debt which helps to find the debt solution that fits their unique needs no matter the amount of debt they are in.

Jackson Maven

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