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February 12, 2010

How to “breathe life” into your service vision

It’s all very well to say that you intend to compete and WIN by providing unmatched customer service, but exactly what does it mean?

What does it look like when your strategic intent is being successfully executed in the field?

What behaviors do you witness? What customer feedback do you get? What service quality metrics are relevant?

Your service strategy is the call to action for how you intend to deliver the ultimate in serving customers.

It is intended to “breathe life” into your service vision by specifying the exact deliverables you will produce and the results you expect. It is the promise, if you will, you intend to deliver on in the service world.


Lack of a service strategy clouds the issue. People are not clear on how to behave, on the results expected and on the measurements that are relevant.

Your service strategy should reflects two components:

1. Core Service - the basic good or service you produce, without which your business doesn’t exist…. WHAT a person GETS when they do business with you.

2. Service Experience - the experience they enjoy when they are in touch with you…. HOW they FEEL when they do business with you; when they consume your core service.

Here’s and example of a service strategy my team developed for a business organization I lead:

“We are easy to do business with. We care.
We provide and support innovative quality solutions.
We make promises and always keep them.f we fall short of our strategy, RECOVERY will be our #1 priority”

Core service elements are covered - solutions are provided (not products); promises are kept.

The Service Experience is addressed - a caring attitude is expected; Recovery is invoked when a mistake is made; systems and processes are created to make it easy for people to transact business.

Workshop this strategy with all teams in the organization. Define their required behaviors. Define the appropriate measurements. Bake it into their performance plan and bonus compensation.

You will see your service vision come to life!

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