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March 31, 2014

This is what happens when you add your special twist

Why is it that certain people are more successful than others?

Is it because they are more intelligent? More academic degrees?


It’s because the winners have a “with a twist”‘attitude.

They approach things differently than others.

They see what someone else is doing and asks themselves “what twist could I add to make it stand-put, to make it uniquely me?

How someone else approaches a problem or challenge is viewed as the bar they seek to vault over.

They don’t conform to the expectations of others. They look for a SURPRISE opportunity to demonstrate that their DNA to go beyond what is expected.

The “what the hell are they doing?” response to their actions is an indicator of success.

Step out.

Express yourself.

Add your twist.


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March 24, 2014

Do you really want to be the best?

“The Best” describes someone who conforms to expectations more closely than the rest of their herd. Spells more accurately; answers history questions more correctly; obtains the highest mark in the math exam.

“The Best” does a masterful job of performing their task according to the rules of the day. They colour inside the lines perfectly.

There are certain professions where conformance to “standard operating procedure” is vital: landing airplanes and performing heart surgery come to mind as functions that require “in the box” thinking and performance (until something goes wrong at least).

In business, however, conformance is NOT what drives success. It drives mediocrity and sameness in the herd.

Organizations who consistently succeed are brilliant at inventing a new box to play in.

They create NEW lines to draw in.

They are masters at non-conformity and contrarianism. They focus on breaking away from the herd.

Don’t press yourself or others to be “The Best”.

Honour weird, odd, quirky, strange, “out there”, ridiculous and unusual.

They will get you to where you need to go.


BE DiFFERENT or be dead Book Series

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March 17, 2014

How to lose the sale but win the customer

Too much attention is being placed on making the sale. And it is being reinforced by reward and compensation programs that hail the Salesperson of the year as a hero if they post the most sales.

This is at best a short term view.

Rather than being focused on immediate revenue generation, the emphasis should be placed on keeping the customer and trusting that if you do the right things and deepen the relationship revenue will flow.

Ironically, one of the most effective ways to keep a customer is to LOSE a sale (if you respond correctly that is).

Sales Recovery = What you do in the 24 hours after the loss to SURPRISE them.

Sure, they will be disappointed you couldn’t satisfy their immediate requirements but they will be MORE impressed by what you do to “atone for your sins”.

Here are 4 Sales Recovery SURPRISE tactics to employ when your customer chooses someone else over you.

1. Don’t whine and snivel over your loss!

2. Apologize for failing them.

3. Help them go somewhere else to get their needs satisfied. Call another supplier on their behalf to get the ball rolling. Be their problem solver. Commit to finding the right solution for them.

4. Follow up to ensure their needs got met. Show that you care about their satisfaction and that it is more important than making the sale.

This process will earn you the right to get their future business.

And this is all the customer will remember.


BE DiFFERENT or be dead Book Series

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March 10, 2014

How do you treat your special customers as heroes?

Many words these days are being used to tag our most precious business asset— the loyal customer. Fan. Advocate. “Sneezer”.

All describe a person who truly cares about what we do and who is prepared to tell our story to others. An agent to spread our virus. THE most powerful marketing tool we could ever have.

Some organizations call these folks their “HEROES”. I love the word and what it implies.

A Hero:

— is someone who has achieved something truly amazing. A difficult deed.

— does what literally no one else does.

— personally identifies with the cause they are serving.

— looks after the needs of others before their own. Putting themselves in harms way is normal.

— stands out rather than fits in. The Hero rises above The Herd.

— leads. Earns the right to have followers.

We all need Heroes as customers. People who believe strongly in our cause. Who will shout us to others. Who will lead The Herd towards our camp.

You all have Heroes today. Do you know who they are? Do you engage with them regularly? Do you ask them for suggestions on how you can do a better job for them?

Here are 10 steps to help you form your heroes club.

1. Identify your Top Ten revenue generating customers. 

2. Call them together for a conversation.

3. Talk with them.

4. Listen. Ask questions.

5. Take notes.

6. Give them a GIFT.

7. Action what you have learned.

8. Follow up and tell them what you did.

9. Meet with them again.

10. Go to 3.

Start your own Heroes Club.

Watch the magic!


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