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October 28, 2010

Marketing today is an absolutely boring bust

This is my view of marketing today:

> BORING—little product and service innovation. Incremental features produced. Discounted bundling. Pricing deals. Zzzzzzzzzzzz
> LAZY —focus on pushing product capabilities not value creation. Mass market oriented. Few breakthrough distinguishing innovations. Ho Hum. Same old. Same old.
> UNDIFFERENTIATION —more intense competition but fewer degrees of separation among the players.
> PRODUCT EUPHORIA —product flogging continues to be mainstream. Not much energy is being spent on creating VALUE for people.
> PROLIFERATION OF SAMENESS —the more competition in the market, the less differentiation is occurring. The herd has no prime bull.
> BENCHMARKING TO COPY —best in class comparisons lead to catch-up; not distinctiveness and separation.


> GET BETTER NOT DIFFERENT —competitive improvements are achieved but little WOW! power to separate.
> PRODUCT AUGMENTATION —the primary innovation approach is to incrementally enhance the product line based on what others have done and what the technology can do. Where the hell is the customer?
> ROUND-THE-CORNERS —product compromise to cater to the ‘average’ person. Bland. Serving the lowest common denominator. The marketers take ‘the edge’ off to try and satisfy everyone.
> MASS MARKET OBSESSION —flog stuff at as many average people as you can. Superficial unimaginative segmentation. All things to all people mentality. No remarkability for anyone.
> TECHNO MYOPIA —technical capabilities push marketing. Technical capabilities impress marketers. Where the hell is the customer?
> BLUR—numerous competitors. Sameness abounds. Few individual organizations get noticed. Customer choice is difficult. Can’t spot uniqueness.

This is a glass-is-half-full opportunity for those who want to break away from the pack.


The breakthrough prescription:

1. Use being DiFFERENT as the driver of all marketing activity.

2. Create your ONLY statement to express your distinctiveness.

3. Create VALUE for people; don’t flog products at them.

4. Be memorable to your customers by helping them engage in delightful experiences, the conduit to happiness. Happy people tend to be more loyal than the product based transients.

5. Focus energy on small customer groups of interested, turned-on, connected people who will “sneeze” you to their friends and colleagues. Forget about marketing to the masses.

6. Think beyond the individual product or service to a holistic value proposition reflecting the broad lifestyle needs of your customer.

7. Discover the deep hidden desires of people. Their secrets will provide the marketing opportunities to shine.

8. Establish customer learning as a core competency. Market research is too restrictive.
Your organization needs to function like a sponge in every nook and cranny to absorb every bit of customer intelligence possible. Separation from the herd demands that you know more about your customer than anyone else. You can’t create create distinctive value if you don’t.

Start the journey of change. Marketing is critical to an organization’s success.

Step up.


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