About Roy…

A leading executive in Canadian business and a recognized content marketer, blogger, speaker, seminar leader, business consultant, educator and personal coach, Roy Osing’s career spans over three decades of singular achievement.

Osing knows what it takes for businesses to survive in today’s chaotic times and achieve extraordinary levels of performance. As a former President and Chief Marketing Officer of TELUS and current president and CEO of the consulting firm Brilliance for Business, Osing brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the complex challenges businesses face in the contemporary global economy.

He is the author of the BE DiFFERENT or be dead Book Series which presents Roy’s career learning’s on how to create organizations that stand-out from their competition and are cherished by their customers.

His book series includes: Your Business Survival Guide, the original ground-breaking book recognized by Soundview Executive Book Summaries as “… one of the top business books in the U.S.” This book is dedicated to showing, in practical and proven ways, how organizations can be unique and survive in our highly uncertain marketplace.

A Weekly Calendar for Leaders outlines what stand-out leaders do every day of the week.

His book Marketing in The Storm is a practical lesson on how to morph from traditional marketing to a marketing paradigm necessary for organizations to thrive and survive in today’s violent and unpredictable economy.         

In EXECUTE First; Plan Second Roy argues that a plan without execution is a dream, and shows in precise detail how to become a brilliant executioner.

His book Six Acts of Leadership is a guide for leaders who truly want to break out of the manager role and create an organization that is remarkable and leaves their customers “breathless”.

His personal guide BE DiFFERENT YOU! How to Stand-Out and Power-up Your Career takes his concepts and practices and provides a roadmap to help individuals build a more rewarding and successful career by being truly unique and sought after. 

His work is dedicated to changing the conversation in organizations from “What is the Best in Class doing?” to “How can we BE DiFFERENT and stand-out in the crowd?”

Roy is actively spreading his word through his Blog, keynote speaking, workshops, mentoring, coaching and advising small to medium businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

Roy is one of 50 “… leadership experts in Canada…” invited as a contributing monthly columnist for the Globe and Mail Careers’ Leadership Lab Series.

He writes regularly for various other media channels on various topics ranging from marketing, sales, career development for young professionals, tips for entrepreneurs and organizational culture.