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September 8, 2014

Why are most mission statements worthless?

I am tired of reading mission statements.

They are exhausting; they tend to all resonate with similar themes.

A mission statement is the ultimate selfie.

It’s all about you. What your organization thinks about itself. What you aspire to be. What you think makes you great.

Almost every “About us” page on a company’s web site shares a mission statement like this one:
“Delight. Yes, delight. Simply put, that’s our mission: To delight you with the products, services and customer support that we provide to you every day.”

Customers get little helpful information from mission statements like this.

They may declare their intent, but they provide no useful information in terms of why people should buy from you as opposed to the other choices they have.

In addition, most businesses say the same thing; they intend to “delight” customers; exceed their expectations; exist for them and so on. Nothing particularly new or special here.

A selfie shot.

Mission statements are helium-filled. They communicate at the 50,000 foot level. The average reader doesn’t believe what you say.

What’s missing?

Rather than the infatuation with your mission statement, I would like to see this on your company website on the About us page:

“The reason you should do business with us and not our competitors is…”

Acknowledge that people have choice.

Give them the reason they should buy from you and no one else.

Take a deep breath.

If you have nothing meaningful and helpful to say to others, perhaps saying nothing is the best course of action.


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