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April 29, 2013

6 proven steps to innovate with more success

Innovation is critical to the success of any organization.

But the process must be guided by a strategy to be different from the competfrom and provide people reasons why they should buy from them and no one else.

Here are 6 rules to keep follow.

1. Establish a context for Innovate!
Idea generation and brainstorming is a waste unless it is guided by strategic direction. Use your strategic game plan as the frame to drive your Innovate! activity.

2. Develop specific objectives with accountability and time-frames assigned. Establish specific Innovate! objectives in your game plan to focus on the specific elements which require you to create a “new box”.

3. Target your Innovate! objectives around your ONLY Statement.
It should be your beacon to follow because it establishes your unique position in the market.

Many organizations follow best practices. This works if you want to improve delivery of your core service but it’s NOT OK if you want to stand-out from the competition.

Copying a best practice is a catch-up game at best; it’s nor strategic.


Innovate! rule — Consider best practices to deliver flawless core service and your ONLY statement to leave the herd.

4. Develop your people plan to acquire and develop the Innovate! skills and competencies you need as defined by your game plan?

5. Design reward and recognition programs around your Innovate! objectives. If you don’t, you will do nothing but encourage the status quo.

6. Leverage your customer learning capabilities to drive the Innovate! process. Use both analysis and observation to know everything there is to know about WHO you have chosen to serve. Follow their lead.


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April 22, 2013

How to create unbelievably magic moments for people

A moment that blows a customer away can’t be boxed.

It can’t be time-bound. It can’t be created with an employee trying to get a customer “on and off” the phone in 20 seconds or less.

It can’t be engineered or architected. It can’t be manufactured from a blueprint. It doesn’t come from a can.

A magic moment is created when someone “puts in the time” with another person, showing caring and thoughtful behavior.

It’s created through a process of listening, asking questions and responding with a serving attitude.

It can’t be managed with efficiency in mind.

Magic moment

Magic moments quick hits…

1. Remove time restrictions on people who deal with customers. Let them take as much time as they need to serve them well and deliver the magic.

2. Establish loyalty- building outcomes as the prime objective of any customer contact not how long it takes to “unload a customer”.

3. Redefine how you use “work force management” to manage your call center. These are useful tools to diagnose problems and issues but they shouldn’t be used to drive behavior of the call center rep.

4. Hire employees with a proven track record of taking care of others. You can teach them your business but you can’t teach them to be moment magicians.

5. Empower people to do the right thing for a customer, not enforce organizational rules and policies that do nothing but piss them off.

6. Encourage the surprise element in serving customers. What can be done to surprise a customer in a moment?

7. Recognize and reward moment magicians. Make a BIG deal of treating them as heroes.

8. Talk to customers. Mechanized touch points don’t create magic. They are designed to minimize engagement time.


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April 18, 2013

BE DiFFERENT or be dead: EXECUTE First; Plan Second

It’s getting tougher to develop a winning formula in today’s business world. Competition is fierce. Customers are demanding, fickle and unpredictable and employees are looking for insightful and caring leadership.

In response, extreme energy in most organizations is spent on trying to develop the “perfect” strategy or Plan that, due to its superb strategic essence, is viewed by all as a “slam dunk” to succeed. 

Unfortunately, the Plan, regardless of how pristine or intellectually clever it is, does not guarantee a win. It may look good “on paper”, but t"hat’s about as far as it goes.

Results are not achieved on paper. Results are achieved “out there” in the trenches where stuff is delivered to people; competitors do battle. Winning is messy, inelegant and, yes, painful.

Winning is achieved by people doing things, not thinking things.

Winning is a function of Brilliant EXECUTION, not what’s on paper. Yes, you need a Roadmap to guide you, but that’s all it is - a Guide.

A DiFFERENT perspective on planning is needed. Get the Plan “just about right” and put in the time to perfect EXECUTION. Mind-blowing execution separates the winners from The Herd.

EXECUTION is the real competitive advantage. Action not words.

“Execute First; Plan Second” offers a proven roadmap to establish EXECUTION as a core competency of any organization. Discover Roy’s Strategic Game Plan; a playbook to create an effective Plan based on the “gut issues” facing an organization AND the essentials to EXECUTE it.

This eBook draws on Roy’s 33+ years as an executive leader. You will learn what he did to build EXECUTION into the DNA of organizations he successfully led.

The Practices in this book are simple, practical and more important, proven. They work in the real world!

Here are a few EXECUTE sound-bites from the book...
- Create your Strategic Game Plan in 3 days or less and execute on the 4th!
- The SGP is an Execution Plan with a Strategic purpose.
- A growth target is a declaration of intent and is based on “I don’t know”.
- Beware of “Yummy Incoming”.
- Tread lightly with “The irresistible Hook”.
- Special Offers encourage “1-Night Stands”.
- The ONLY Statement isn’t about being #1.
- Craft your “Promise to Serve” to DAZZLE your customers.

If you are excited about truly making a difference in your organization, study “Execute First; Plan Second” and venture where few have gone before.

What my Readers say…
“It’s a razor-sharp, focussed advice on building strategy in times when we don’t have full information. All questions that need to be asked are given.
No other book on strategy can condense all you need to do in 28 pages. It’s a masterclass for those fighting for time. Thanks for sharing it.”—Nerio Vakil, President Total Business Solutions, Mumbai, India

“I like the reference to financial targets and annual budget as well as creating separate growth plans for each WHO segment—combines,execution, strategy and metrics—all needed to reach goals. I also really liked the “Price Leader” concept—“lead prices up; follow prices down” (great strategy)”—Bart Zych, MBA, The Strategy Doctor

“For today’s business Leader, ‘action’ trumps a beautiful 30 page business plan that never gets implemented. Roy’s formula for Strategic Game Planning is based on one simple concept:  Execution…. What you can implement NOW. This ebook is like his business philosophy… short and to the point; a quick read. Make your Plan composed of three very basic steps and EXECUTE on it.—Michael Nott, Branch Principle, DWM Securities

“In his latest book BE DiFFERENT or be dead: EXECUTE First; Plan Second, Roy not only explains why execution trumps the Plan, he teaches the reader the fundamentals of HOW to flawlessly execute strategy.This book is an absolute necessity for anyone who wants to blow away their Plan and realize amazing results.”—Sandy Chernoff, Owner, Soft Skills for Success

Execute First; Plan Second is available at the following eRetailers…


Amazon Kindle


Sony Reader

Barnes & Noble (for Nook)



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April 15, 2013

Telemarketers: Salusbury Steakus Interruptus

Here is dead-on commentary from Terry O’Reilly, Author of The Age of Persuasion.

- “It’s not so much the creativity of the ads, it’s that they’ve nothing unique to say.”

- “The world has come to look like a NASCAR driver’s racing suit, with every square inch occupied by a logo.”

- “Every ad, no matter how entertaining is an interruption.”

- “The Great Unwritten Contract... promises that advertisers must give you something in exchange for their imposition on your time, attention and space.”

- “Telemarketers (Salusbury Steakus Interruptus). Telemarketing breaks the unwritten contract, disrespecting the customer and interrupting without apology. It breaks all the Rules... It isn’t pleasantly surprising or polite, or humorous or meaningful. Telemarketers make no attempt to build a relationship With their clients, nor do they try to… offer something in exchange for the customer time. They don’t give you anything. They just call to take.”


- “A Brand is more than an abstract idea, a slogan or logo. It’s an experience that appeals to the senses and emotions.”

- “... if the pitch is fleeting, so is the loyalty.”

- “... advertising only helps a bad product fail faster.”

- “Competitive advantage goes to those who create an experience that appeals to MORE senses.”

- “Rules are what the Artist breaks. The memorable never emerged from a formula.”

- “Logic and over-analysis can immobilize and sterilize an idea.”

- “Execution becomes content in a work of genius.”

- “In communication, familiarity breeds apathy.”

- “Imitation can be commercial suicide.”

Great notions to keep your communications Relevant and Unique.


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