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June 3, 2013

Why are shameless policies set to control cheaters?

One of the main drivers of policy setting in organizations is to stop cheaters.

Dishonest people who will try to beat the system for their own gain.


People who will steal from you — hence the policy of limiting the number of pieces of clothing you can take into a change room.

People who will leave an outside serving area without paying their bill — hence the policy of requiring you to provide a credit card before being served. But it’s ok to be inside and be served without brandishing your card and having it retained.

People who will not spend enough money with you — hence the policy of refusing a booth for two people because booths are reserved for parties of 4 or more, who will generate more revenue per serving.

People who will not tip the server enough to compensate them for their hard work — hence the policy of automatically applying an 18% and above gratuity for parties of 6 or more.

How many more cheater policies can you name?

The truth is: people who want to screw you over WILL screw you over regardless of your policies.

The problem is: while you go about implementing these cheater-policies, you infuriate all of your honest loyal customers who feel they are assumed guilty with unsavory motives.

That they are part of the cheater herd.

Here’s the distribution: cheaters = 2%; honest folks = 98%.

Which crowd do you think should determine your policies?


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