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March 2, 2015

7 really simple things that make a great salesperson

What defines a great salesperson?

The number of products sold and revenue generated?


Products and revenue are the result of the sales effort; the more effective the effort the higher the economic return.

Here are the 7 things that define effective sales effort:

1. Starts with taking a long term view not exploiting the moment.

2. Is aimed at making the other person feel good not feeding the salesperson’s ego.

3. Focuses on building the customer relationship not pushing products.

4. Has question-asking as its nucleus as opposed to telling.

5. Respects silence rather than hot air filled with nonsense.

6. Honours integrity and honesty not doing whatever it takes to make the sale.

7. Drives to achieve the outcome the customer desires not the sales agenda.

How do you know if a salesperson puts in effective effort?

Ask the customer if (s)he touched their heart.


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