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May 9, 2011

Why are people sick and tired of product floggers?

Marketing and sales today are replete with pushing stuff at mass markets.

Couple of problems with this approach: first, mass markets don’t exist since there is no such thing as as “average” customer; second, no one appreciates getting something shoved down their throat.

So why do organizations continue to covet this flogging strategy?

Bonding is in

It’s an easy route to follow. Focus on what you produce or supply. Be mesmerized with functionality.

Believe that if you advertise it far and wide people will come to their senses and buy.

Unfortunately the easy route is not very often the successful one that will make your organzation remarkable and indispensable because the herd is doing it in unison.

Lets get back to Humanity 101.

People buy stuff because they feel they are getting VALUE that somehow makes their life better.


And the source of value delivery is an intimate relationship.

Bonding with another human being takes time. Patience. Asking questions. Listening intently. Its a tough job. But in the end it’s the ONLY process that will generate a long-term revenue stream.

If you really want to flog, flog fan intimacy.

Product pushing definitely has a limited existence.


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