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June 24, 2010

This is what makes a great frontline leader

The frontline leader position is THE most important position given the strategically critical role it plays carying out the strategic game plan of the organization.

THIS is the job description for the position.

> Barrier basher—eliminates the grunge in the workplace

> Roadblock destroyer—removes impediments to getting the job done

> Execution maniac—has only one focus; act quickly with purpose

> “One-and-only” people server—understands that if their team isn’t served well, nothing happens

> Dumb-it-down fanatic—knows that simple gets done;‘complex doesn’t

> Ultimate cheerleader—keeps the energy up for the team

Frontline leader

> Praise lavisher—looks for opportunities to recognize and reward team mates

> Celebration host—loves celebrations of team performance; takes personal responsibility to make them happen

> Recognizer and rewarder of dazzling moments of service—looks for examples of people dazzling customers; makes a BIG issue of it

> Chief custodian of the customer moment—puts their personal fingerprints on how customers are to be treated

> Relentless advocate of the frontline “on the inside”—protects and advocates for their team to others in the organization; fights for what they need

> Customer “secret” gatherer—is addicted to discovering the hidden desires of customers and using the knowledge to serve them better

> Service recovery addict—turns the organization upside down to fix a problem when there is a service failure. Has personal contact with the customer at all times.

> “Get-me-the-results”—extremely results focused; creates a sense of urgency for the team to deliver

Recruit individuals who have the ability to perform these responsibilities consistently.

Hold them accountable to perform these responsibilities in a superlative manner.

Pay them for doing this stuff.

The result? Customer moments that will create fans and advocates for your business for life.

Worth doing? You bet!


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