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July 4, 2016

Why should we immediately stop copying best practices?

Let’s change the conversation in business.

Seriously, aren’t you getting tired of the conversation around best practices?

When you copy someone or something, you relegate yourself.

You are “sucking up” to an organization or individual defined (by someone presumed to be THE thought leader) to be the essence of what you should aspire to.

Which means you roll over, put your “paws in the air” and subsume yourself to someone else.


It’s time you stepped forward to separate yourself from the crowd.

You owe it to yourself and those around you to be different than everyone else.

The world is becoming a home for best practice addicts and as a result it’s boring and benign.

Few organizations stand out. Few are special. Being remarkable isn’t a strategy on the radar of most.

Don’t cave to “expert” pundits who are doing a dis-service to us all.

Ask the question “What can we do to stand-out from the crowd?” and be silent on “How can we emulate best in class?” to fit in with herd.

Ask not “How does this conform to best practices?” But “How does this make us stand out and be special?”.


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