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June 6, 2016

5 vital traits to look for in the people you hire

You’ve heard it a million times. Building extraordinary value in an organization requires amazing people.

You can have the most innovative technology and the coolest products and services, but without the people layer to transform these capabilities into value, they are worthless.

How do you recruit people who will deliver unbelievable performance for your organization?

What do you look for?

The profile of the person you recruit must fit the challenges that organizations face in today’s markets. Intense competition, highly empowered customers, and unpredictability describe the barriers to success and survival.

Recruit these 5 traits to build a team that will stand out from the crowd and raise your performance to unbelievable levels.

1. Human being lover. They have a genuine affection for people; they care for others. This makes them extreme team players who will actually do whatever it takes to help their fellow employees to move the collective forward.

2. Goosebumps story teller. They love telling a story and they have a million of them. They tell their story with such richness and emotion, they take your breath away. They are particularly good at telling stories that illustrate their desire and commitment to have credit go to others.

3. Anti-rhetorician. They focus on what they’ve DONE rather than attempt to persuade and impress through high fog factor language. Results speak louder than intent; they get it and they can prove that they’ve done it.

4. Driver. An intense sense of urgency fuels everything they do. It’s more than “action orientation”, it’s more a natural element of their personal DNA. They don’t tolerate discussing the theoretical benefits of an idea; they want to get on with trying it out to see if it has any practical value.

5. Un-perfectionist. They are satisfied with getting it “just about right” and are prepared to change course in the face of unexpected events. They are “learn as you go” individuals who see value in making progress, learning from execution and delivering results.

The pedigree isn’t a helpful predictor of an individual’s contribution to organizational performance. It shows what you KNOW not what you will likely DO.

And “doing it” is what is needed for success.

“Knowing it” alone is worthless.

Recruit people with these 5 competencies and you will be able to “do it”.


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