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March 21, 2016

The reason why making tries is the right thing to do

Here’s the thing. We live in a world of uncertainty and unpredictability. No sooner have we put our strategic game plan to bed, an unforeseen event blindsides us and we are forced back to the drawing board to shift our strategy.

This is not a temporary phenomenon; this is organizational life that will only intensify in terms of the number of random forces that will impact us and the weight that each will impose.

Traditional strategic planning can’t successfully play out in this scenario.

The application of the standard analytical tool set won’t help thwart the unexpected missiles that will strike us; hours of debate over SWOTS won’t decrease the probability that we will likely have to take a random punch at some point. And the quest for a “perfect” plan is time consuming, costly and is doomed to fail.

So what’s the answer? How do we prepare our organization to succeed in the face of current market dynamics?

If the original strategy can’t be depended on to deliver intended results, we need to loosen up on the process employed to create the strategy; get the strategy “just about right” and focus our efforts on plan execution, learning from execution and on trying new things implied by the chaos that surrounds us.

Survival and success depends on the willingness to try new things constantly; if you’re feet aren’t moving you’re dead.

Progress = f(number of tries). The more tries; the more successes; the more progress.

Make “tries” a key success factor on your balanced performance scorecard. Set 30-day “tries”‘targets; track and monitor your results to ensure the trend is growing. Keep your “tries funnel”.

Ask “Why don’t we…?” at every opportunity.

But don’t make the same try twice; each try must be different in some way.

A try repeated indicates nothing was learned from the initial one, and you can’t afford to not learn from your tries.

Every new try has to include the learnings from previous tries. This will at least improve your odds of hitting a winner sooner rather than later.

Making tries is a core competency of successful organizations.

Try harder.


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