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November 23, 2015

The 2 frightening choices every new salesperson has

Sales people have a choice in terms of the modus operandi they choose to employ to deliver results: they can either push or flog products at customers or they can build “intimate” relationships with them and trust that sales will follow.

Here’s the profile of each…

The pusher:
- is focused on short term success; it’s all about making the numbers
- flogs technology, emphasizing the cool things it can do
- loves to make speeches on how wonderful their products are; not too much listening here
- will try and force-fit their product to the customer’s problem even though the product is not be the “perfect fit” for the customer. They are more motivated to sell their product and not to do whatever it takes to solve the customer’s problem
- is a one-way communications artist. They are constantly in “the transmit mode”; they listen very little
- wants to get the sale and get out; the quicker the transaction the better

- is frustrated by the need for after sales service and devotes minimal time to it
- is driven by their annual compensation plan and dedicates little effort to medium and longer term issues
- spends copious amounts of time doing cold calls
- relies on low prices to express their value proposition; blames high prices when they lose a sale
- avoids personal accountability when a client is “screwed over” through a service mishap made by the company
- is super driven to win an annual sales award and get a trip to somewhere exotic

The builder:
- is a “server” with the innate desire and ability to take care of people
- is a highly engaging individual; believes that deep conversations with the client will expose opportunities
- wants to get paid by their compensation plan, but is willing to balance longer term needs with the short term
- drives the majority of their sales through repeat business from long term loyal clients
- creates “intimate” relationships with clients trusting that the relationship will yield sales over the longer term
- sells value at the highest price possible. Avoids commodity transactions where the sale goes to the lowest price supplier
- focuses on obtaining client referrals to grow sales; doesn’t have to cold call

- spends time trying to discover client hidden wants and desires - “secrets” - and employs this knowledge as a critical component in their sales proposition
- is a “recovery addict”; doing whatever it takes to recover from a service mistake the organization made that caused client pain
- takes the role of client champion inside their organization “fighting” for them regardless of the issue
- has incredible listening skills which represent a heavy dimension of their personal brand
- uses a customer report card regularly to gather customer feedback on their performance; follows up to ensure improvements are recognized
- will lose a potential sale by recommending someone else’s product when they have a better solution to a client’s problem
- is very involved with marketing in the new product development process; ensures that their client’s unmet needs are addressed
- are viewed by their clients as partners; part of the client team

Which approach do you think will build customer loyalty and distinguish you from your peers?


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