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April 9, 2015

How to actually succeed? Focus on 3 daring things

If you can’t focus on the critical things that need to be done little progress is made.

Moving an organization or your career forward requires vigilance; chasing stuff dilutes your efforts and accomplishes nothing.

Nirvana is doing as little as possible to get the job done; you have neither the time, energy or money to do it all.

In the following articles, I crystalize in three points what you need to do to achieve extraordinary gains in the areas of an organization that are vital to us.

The rule of three for execution: focus on three things that determine 80% of what you want to achieve and DO THEM brilliantly!

Don’t flog your stuff; build relationships... How to build strong sales relationships

If you can’t WOW! them they won’t stay… How to deliver dazzling customer service.

Building your strategy doesn’t have to be complicated and painful... How to create a strategic game plan for your organization.

If you don’t kill the grunge you can’t move… How to cut the CRAP that gets in the way of executing your way forward.

Marketing must morph to the ME world… How to be a stand-out marketer.

Your brilliant idea will die unless… How to start a new business that DOESN’T fail.

If you’re not unique, who are you? ... How to be the ONLY one that does what you do.


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