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November 18, 2010

Beware: an aspiration will actually kill a competitive claim

An essential component of building a strategic game plan for your organization is declaring how you intend to compete and win.

This is all about deciding what you will do to convince targeted customers to do business with you and ONLY you.

Unfortunately, most organizations come up with answers to the HOW to WIN question that describe what they aspire to rather than laying out detailed, specific and concrete reasons for people to buy from them as opposed to others.

Claims like these pervade the marketplace.

- we provide the utmost in service and selection

- we offer the best quality anywhere

- we provide top notch service

- we have been in business for over 50 years

- we provide a wide range of services

- we provide the best network in Canada

- we are the most technologically advanced company in our business

- we have people who care


These types of statements might pass the vision test, but they do little to stake out a claim that will communicate precisely what the organization intends to to to differentiate itself.

They do little to set customer expectations in terms of the behavior they should expect to see and the experience they should expect to enjoy. What exactly do they mean?

Every customer is likely to view the clams differently. Each employee would likely have a different definition of what each means; a big problem when it comes to delivering on the claim.

Consistency is required, not everyone doing what THEY think the claim means.

They are simply too general and at to high a level to be meaningful.

So, examine your competitive claims. Declare your position in compelling precise terms using the ONLY statement.

Leave aspirations out of the strategy room.

Get specifc. Create a competitive claim that clearly articulates how you are different from the herd.


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