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September 18, 2017

5 simple ways to spot a real asshole

An asshole can really screw your career up.

I have had to deal with so many of these people in my career and have seen the havoc they can cause. It is critical to know how to spot them so you can take evasive action.

An asshole is everywhere in both our personal lives and our business lives. They live where most respectable people with integrity don’t go.


I have survived many assholes in my career; this is what they look like.

1. They are the consummate grinner; they grin you constantly.
You know that phoney false smile pasted on their face that they flash at you when they want you to believe they agree with something you are saying or a position you are taking.
In reality their grin means exactly the opposite of support; they really don’t believe a word you are saying and will admonish you whenever they get the chance.
Whenever you see the grin, be prepared for betrayal.

2. They spread fake news about you. They know who your real supporters are and will lie through their teeth about you to them. And they are smooth when they do it; experts in the innuendo. Careful to be not too blatant.
They use the “grin fodder” you have provided as the fuel for their stories.

3. They treat themselves as number 1 — ALWAYS. Never forget it. It might seem that they actually care about you and your circumstances but they don’t. They want you to let them in so you are vulnerable to a move they eventually make against you. “After me you come first” is their mantra.

4. They do not hesitate throwing you under the bus. Never expect they will take accountabilities their actions. Whenever things go awry look for the asshole to try and blame someone else for the screwup. They constantly want to be perceived as lily white to those in the organization who they believe matter and will sacrifice anyone around to enhance their position.

5. They actually believe they are righteous — and this is the real scary thing about them. If you call them on any one of the aforementioned four issues they respond with shock and disbelief and will vehemently deny any culpability. They are pathological liars who are constantly in denial; that’s what makes them so dangerous.

Assholes can cause irrevocable harm to others if they are allowed to do their thing.

Watch for them; don’t play into their hands.

And never play their game. It turns out that assholes eventually get found out and are punished for their sins.

Just don’t be part of the carnage they leave behind.


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