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November 21, 2011

Is there one thing you can do to succeed?

Everyone is looking for THE thing that will vault them, or their business, to success and riches.

What is the one thing that, if I knock myself out on, will propel me to dreamland?

The harsh reality, despite what the prestigious business schools tell you, is that you can’t count on one thing to win either personally or in business.

One thing

Success is a journey.

— Made of single wins.
— Incremental gains.
— Nano-inches of progress.
— Hard work.
— Passion.
— Tenacity.
— And pain, a high threshold for it.

The intellectual master plan rarely yields a star.

Want to win? Set your sights on what you want to be. Get going. Learn from your actions. Keep going.

Success comes from doing lots of stuff not pontificating on theoretical possibilities.


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