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October 10, 2011

Best of breed is still found in the herd

Best of breed is still part of the herd.

World class. Best in class. Best of breed. All ways to describe where an organization sits within the herd.

The problem is that every way used to stratify the herd essentially describes how successful someone has been to rise in it’s hierarchy. And people use what you have achieved to conclude how brilliant and successful you are.


You can be the best of breed and it guarantees nothing except you have been able to copy and incrementally creep forward more than your herd cohorts.

You’ve an edge that’s all. And an edge is not good enough when competition is growing at a breathtaking rate and customers are hungry for personal treatment and engaging conversation.

The best cow is still a cow unless it’s purple.

“Different from breed” should be what drives us.

Distinctiveness should be our goal. Remarkability should possess us.

Look at the best cow and create something different that captures the hearts and souls of your customers in a way that only you can do.

Best of Breed is only important to the herd.

No one else will notice.

No one else will care.


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