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August 18, 2011

How can translating make you a great leader?

There are thousands of books out there on leadership. What makes a great leader? What critical tasks to they perform that set them apart.

One aspect of great leadership that rarely gets mentioned is “The Translator”.

Great leaders are incredible translators. They are able to take a complex strategy and make it simple, meaningful and explicit for people in their organization.

They make it so clear that an individual can clearly see what they are required to do differently to support the strategy.


What does the strategy mean to marketing? Sales? Billing? IT?

The translator spends copious amounts of time articulating a direct line of sight for every function in the organization.

If an individual can’t SEE what they should to deliver to the greater good, how can they contribute?

They can’t. Results suffer. Progress is impeded. The organization stalls.

And that is a failure of leaders that don’t see themselves as Translators.


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