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April 4, 2011

What happens to your career when you are the messenger for change?

To be personally distinctive, you need to be seen as one who is ahead of the change curve.

Establish yourself as the zealot and avid supporter for your organization’s strategic game plan.

Get yourself recognized as being synonymous with the company’s vision, goals and objectives and suddenly magic happens. You are viewed as a change leader who is included in all strategic activities from formulation to execution and you are visible to the career decision makers as a valuable contributor to the company’s future.

Messenger of change

“Breathe life” into your new strategy - communicate it far and wide. Bring the organization’s strategy to life by painting a picture of it and making it real for everyone, so that they can see what it looks like when it is successfully being executed.

“Infect” people with the strategy so they will pour their hearts and souls into seeing it succeed.

I spent copious time holding employee meetings to discuss the strategic plan of the business.

I would do “Infonet” tours throughout our operating territory discussing the challenges we were facing and presenting the strategy the executive had developed to meet them.

These sessions were effective for not only communicating strategic detail they were also an opportunity for people to table their comments regarding the strategy and to pose any questions they had. 

For me, this was a regular forum where I could reinforce my brand as the passionate messenger for the organization’s strategy and feedback from the participants confirmed that first, they enjoyed the experience of the Infonet seminars, and second, that I was seen as a leader who loved change.

Career success depends on you relating to and passionately advocating the change strategy of the organization.


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