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April 11, 2011

What happens to your career when you’re a storyteller?

To be recognized as a passionate messenger of change, these three actions will serve you well.

1. Make it an important personal priority to organize events to discuss the direction of the organization. Make it matter. Start with your own work team and expand to include other audiences.

2. Speak with emotional energy about your strategy both inside and outside your organization. Don’t intellectualize the discussion; bring in the emotional element.
People will tune you out unless they feel you believe what you are saying. If you are passionate in your communication, they will believe! Trust me.

Use rich language in your presentations. Be visual and use pictures to describe where your company is going. My experience is that most people have to work very hard to interpret words and numbers, but they get it right away when they see pictures and graphs - the analogue world - with rich color and interpretation.

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3. Tell stories that bring the elements of your strategy to life. Story Telling is a must for the passionate messenger.
Story telling Has the power to visually communicate what any strategy looks like when it is successfully being executed in the field. If you can’t tell a memorable story about your strategy chances are no progress is being made.

Be as specific as you can and use real people to express the event. Everyone relates more to stories that involve their particular function or department in the organization and about their colleagues.

Storytelling is a must for the passionate messenger.

Include it as an essential element of your day-to-day work plan. Gather stories and people who are living your strategy. Develop your story telling repertoire.


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