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July 18, 2010

This is what happens to careers when you impress the fox

The fox in any organization is the key manager or executive that has the greatest amount of influence on a particular decision to be made.

In Sales it would be the key individual in the customer’s organization that would ake the buying decision. If you are to win the sale, you need to figure out a way to make it stand out above your competitor’s in the eyes of the fox.

Your career challenge is no different. You represent a solution to a hiring manager’s problem and you must clearly differentiate YOU from your competition so that they conclude that YOU are the only person who should be afforded the opportunity.


Here are 4 practices to covet the fox.

1. Identify the leaders in the organization who are making the key business and people decisions today and are likely to be doing so over the next year or so.
Foxes need to be carefully identified and targeted just as you would any other customer group that held the potential for your success. You will be allocating a significant amount of your time and energy on them and you need to be sure that they have the potential to deliver significant benefits to you. If you choose incorrectly you will not receive the expected return on your personal investment.

2. Discover their expectations and secrets . If you have a deep intimate understanding of the fox, you are in a position to delight them in a way none other can hope to do.

Here are a few secret gathering questions to answer on each fox.

— What history do they have in hiring people? What do they typically look for?

— What do they typically look for in a candidate to fill a particular position?

— What questions do they ask? What has their career path been? What positions have they held?

— What are they famous for? What strengths do they possess that have made them successful?

— What do they do outside of their job?

— Are they married? Do they have a family? Do you know their names?

3. Don’t flog yourself as a person having a narrow set of competencies. Success comes by marketing yourself with as broad a range of skills and expertise that the organization values in progressing to its desired future. Think about yourself as a package of value that the organization needs to be successful.

Select your value elements that address the key issues facing the organization.
They could include: MBA in marketing and finance, demonstrated achievement in building business strategy, changing a marketing culture from a product focus to be more customer focussed, building market share in competitive markets, improving customer service 25% over a 12 month period, external speaking engagements on competitive strategy and marketing, building strong teams and consultative selling skills.

4. Be proactive in discovering the opportunities that will be coming up in the organization. If you have a good relationship with the foxes this will aid the process. In addition, stay tuned into the informal communications network in your organization as it is often very effective in knowing when change is in the wind.
With an informed outlook of the possibilities, you can take whatever action you feel appropriate to take advantage of them should they arise.


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