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March 18, 2013

This is what happens when you chase “yummy incoming”

You have created your strategic game plan.

You declared your HOW BIG growth goals.

You crafted your ONLY Statement to separate your organization from your competition.

You decided WHO to SERVE — those customers who you believe have the potential to deliver the revenue growth you want. The ones you intend to “mindlessly” focus your scarce resources on.

You pledge your commitment to The WHO as opposed to many other customer choices you had on the table. You take these other customer groups out of your limelight and place them in the shadows.

Yummy incoming

You begin the execution phase of your game plan.

Then, out of the blue comes someone who is not a target customer — a “NON-WHO” — reaching out to you to ask for your attention. They want to explore doing business with you. They have questions to demand if you. They require access to your scarce resources.

This happens all the time. A client of mine decided to focus on the Vancouver market where access was easy and market growth was attractive. Then they received a call from an organization in South America who wanted to explore opportunities with them.

Clearly not on strategy. But oh so tempting to chase!

What do you do when this happens?

Here are your choices in dealing with “yummy incoming”:

1. Change your decision on the customer group you decided to target. If Yummy really does have good growth potential to give you a good shot at hitting your growth goals, welcome them to your WHO crowd and focus on them.

2. Deal with Yummy quickly and with a view to maximize short term margins. But don’t treat them the way you treat your target customers. Give them less attention and service and charge them premium prices for whatever you decide to do for them.
Make them deal with you on your terms.
Remember, every minute Yummy consumes of your time is a minute less you have to spend on your WHO, so opportunity costs with Yummy can be huge and could rob you of hitting your revenue growth goals.

Chasing stuff is not healthy. Busyness may be comfort food for you, but you created a game plan to avoid eating it.


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