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March 17, 2014

How to lose the sale but win the customer

Too much attention is being placed on making the sale. And it is being reinforced by reward and compensation programs that hail the Salesperson of the year as a hero if they post the most sales.

This is at best a short term view.

Rather than being focused on immediate revenue generation, the emphasis should be placed on keeping the customer and trusting that if you do the right things and deepen the relationship revenue will flow.

Ironically, one of the most effective ways to keep a customer is to LOSE a sale (if you respond correctly that is).

Sales Recovery = What you do in the 24 hours after the loss to SURPRISE them.

Sure, they will be disappointed you couldn’t satisfy their immediate requirements but they will be MORE impressed by what you do to “atone for your sins”.

Here are 4 Sales Recovery SURPRISE tactics to employ when your customer chooses someone else over you.

1. Don’t whine and snivel over your loss!

2. Apologize for failing them.

3. Help them go somewhere else to get their needs satisfied. Call another supplier on their behalf to get the ball rolling. Be their problem solver. Commit to finding the right solution for them.

4. Follow up to ensure their needs got met. Show that you care about their satisfaction and that it is more important than making the sale.

This process will earn you the right to get their future business.

And this is all the customer will remember.


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