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March 9, 2015

Why should the amazing receptionist get more attention?

The receptionist is THE most undervalued position in any organization.

I take no issue with Marketing, Sales, Finance and Business Development folks getting attention.

But fair is fair.

Consider the facts.

The receptionist position is generally reserved for a new employee.

Minimum compensation. Few credentials required. Literally no internal currency.

“It’s only a receptionist” attitude. Low rung on the hierarchical ladder.

A position with relatively low perceived strategic value.

Man receptionist


Who is the face of the organization when someone walks into your offices?

Who is the first voice they hear when they call in? Your lowly receptionist, that’s who.

She controls the impression that someone has about who you are and what values you stand for. He controls the experience someone has when they “touch” your organization.

She literally personifies the organization’s humanity that is projected to customers and business colleagues. If she CARES they conclude your organization does as well.

He deserves to be viewed in higher esteem and have a voice in how your organization is run.

Ever ask him how your business could be improved? What people think of you? What rules and policies should be changed to make it easier to deal with “the outside”?

Who in the organization is really helpful in dealing with a customer issue? How well people cooperate in solving a problem a customer has?

You should.

You would be surprised with his answers and the insights you get to improve your business.


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