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August 15, 2011

Why are feelings the best way to talk about marketing value?

There are 4 basics of storm marketing.

1. Create value; don’t flog products and services.

2. Focus on your loyal customers to grow your business. These are the people who care about you and what you do.

3. Create packages of value to reflect the broad range of wants and desires people have as opposed to a narrow set of needs.

4. Target individuals with your offerings rather than the mass market.

The question I am always asked of this approach is “What is value?”

First, it is different for every person. Everyone values different things. What is valuable to one person is of less or more value to the next.

Next it is the feeling or emotion people get from what you supply.

Value is described by words that complete the sentence: “I felt ...” happy, surprised, joyfull, pleased, important, honored, amazed, listened to and cared for.

Feelings creation game

If you create these feelings in the people that do business with you, you provide value.

Value is typically derived from an experience.

Think about the last time you were in a restaurant and you had an amazing experience. What made you feel incredibly delighted?

Whatever it was defines value. The personal service. The caring attention. The comfortable surroundings. The elegant atmosphere. The funny server. The chef that visited your table. All dimensions of the value you received.

Marketing is in “the feelings creation game”.

Like it or not, your product doesn’t really matter as long as it works 24X7X365.

Add another dimension to the position of Chief Marketing Officer.

Bring in the Chief Feelings Officer.


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