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May 26, 2011

What happens when your core service is astonishing?

Clean hotel rooms. Courteous staff. IPad that works like they said it would. Financial advice that delivers what was promised. A household move across the country on time, on budget with nothing broken. An airplane that takes off and lands. Baggage that is not lost. Uninterrupted Internet service delivering speed that was promised.

Each of these is a core service that represents the fundamental building block of a business. It’s the basic output or deliverable that defines a business.

But core service is table stakes. You need to deliver it seamlessly 24X7X365 to play the game.


But it won’t necessarily win it for you.

When core service is delivered as promised, customers rate you “ok” and nothing more.

Winning the game comes not from what people get from you, but rather from how people FEEL when they get it. From the experience they get from you. Are they delighted? Are they dazzled? Are they left breathless?

It’s the context within which your core service is delivered. How do people feel between the takeoff and landing? Do they feel special or do they feel “abused” by the onboard staff?

Bottom Line: deliver your core service consistently and then get WOW’S for the service experience you create.

Table-stakes don’t go far enough to make you a long term winner.


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