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January 17, 2011

How to be remarkable and unforgettable

Competitors are entering markets at a breathless rate. Consumers are empowered more than ever before, flexing their muscles to get what they want and punishing those who fail to deliver.

So, how does an organization win in this world? How do you capture the hearts, minds and soul of the people you want to attract?

There IS a formula for this and it is really quite simple and straightforward:


Deliver VALUE that is RELEVANT —  something that your fans really care about, and UNIQUE — something that ONLY you provide.

VALUE is not what you produce or supply; it’s the experience what you supply creates for your your customer.
It’s not about technology and the cool things you can do with it. It’s about Feelings, Happiness and Joy people experience when you make use of whatever you produce.

RELEVANCY describes the extent to which the value created fits with the person’s worldview (the complex set of bias, interests and beliefs we all have when making a buy decision).

UNIQUENESS. If you are the ONLY ones who do what you do you will be noticed and paid attention to. AND you will build a fan base that will fuel growth and prosperity.

The fact of the matter is:

If you’re not ReMARKABLE, you’re CoMMON, IgNORED and InVISIBLE;

If you’re not DiFFERENT, you’re DiSPENSABLE;     

If you’re not DiFFERENT, you’re DEAD (or soon will be).


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