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September 28, 2015

8 easy ways to dump your unbelievable CRAP

Strategy is just as much about what you’re NOT going to do as it is about what you ARE going to do, but less attention is paid to the CRAP elimination activity.

CRAP is the enemy of progress. It’s the stuff that may have been a priority at one point, but is now no longer relevant to achieving our strategic goals.

If it isn’t expunged from your organization the ‘old’ will continue to have a significant role and the ‘new’ will be hampered. The major source of bandwidth for taking on new activities is the time currently being spent on thinks that really don’t matter.

Cut the crap

CRAP will keep you stuck and prevent you from moving forward.

How to eliminate the CRAP?

1. Assign a Cut the CRAP Champion to be responsible for inventorying ALL projects going on in your organization.

2. From this inventory, create a KEEP category. Make it short. Bear down on the projects to make sure each one of them is 100% aligned with your new direction.

3. Create a CUT category. Make it long. Gather all questionable projects. These will be the eventual source of bandwidth for new activity.

4. For each CUT project, note the person who is currently working on it. — the project prime. At the end of the day, people will have to be re-assigned to the ‘new’.

5. Have a CRAP critical assessment meeting. Involve the senior team responsible for the execution of your new strategy. Trot each CUT Project Prime into the room and have them explain in detail how their project relates 100% to the new strategy. Side benefit: you will see how well they really understand your new strategy.

6. Decide THEN which CUT Projects will be terminated and the resource savings that will result.

7. Develop a resource re-assignment plan. Be prepared to exit people who either don’t have the skills to take on a KEEP project or who don’t want to support your new direction.

8. Communicate the results of your work. KEEP Projects and CUT Projects and why certain projects were terminated. A great opportunity to talk about your new strategy. Involve the team accountable for executing your new course.

CUT projects have momentum. They need to give way for the keepers.

Tough work. Critical to your success. Get on it today!


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