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February 21, 2011

5 steps to create your ONLY Statement


If you’re not DiFFERENT, you’re dead. If you’re not ReMARKABLE, you’re invisible. If you’re an indistinguishable member of the competitive herd you go unnoticed. And the end is near.

The ONLY Statement is your way out.

Here are the critical five steps to achieve the ONLY position:

1. The WHO - Figure out the Fans you are going to serve. You can’t be all things to all people. You don’t have unlimited resources. You need to focus your efforts on those customers who love what you do and who have te potential to satisfy your financial growth goals.

2. The WHAT - What will you deliver to the WHO? You must deliver VALUE (it’s about what your customers receive, not what you produce), BE Relevant (you had better address the top wants and desires of the customers you are going after). and BE Unique (you must be the ONLY ones who do what you do).

3. The ONLY - Craft your ONLY Statement. “We are the only ones that….”. Deliver Relevant Unique VALUE to the WHO. Claim the ONLY position.

4. The TEST - Check with your frontline people and the WHO. Is your ONLY Statement Relevant (does it address the top wants of your target customers?) AND is it True (do you really deliver what you say you do?). Don’t get carried away with your own thinking. Do a reality check before pronouncing your ONLY to the world.

5. The ACTION - Develop an action plan to implement your ONLY. Test it for relevance and believability. Communicate it internally. Translate it into behaviors you expect people to exhibit every day. Include these behaviors into your Performance Management System to make it matter. Compensate folks on the ONLY behaviors. Decide on the critical few things you need to do in order to breathe life into your ONLY.

There you have it. The lens through which you can grow your organization and stand-out from all others.


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