BE DiFFERENT or be dead Manifesto


The essence of BE DiFFERENT…

— If you’re not DiFFERENT you’re dead (or soon will be)
— Roy’s Principle of Success: In school you do well when you follow the rules and fit-in; in the business world you succeed when you separate yourself from everyone else and stand-out
— Stand-out from Best in Class; don’t copy it
— Create a “just about right” plan and execute it flawlessly
— BE DiFFERENT = Provide VALUE (an experience, meaning to life) that is RELEVANT (something people CARE about) and UNIQUE (something that ONLY you provide)
— The ONLY Statement will separate you from The Faceless Herd: “We are the ONLY ones that….”
— Cut the CRAP that gets in the way of executing
— Lose the sale but NEVER lose the customer relationship
— Roy’s Rule of Three: Find 3 things that will achieve 80% of what you want to and DO THEM
— SERVE people don’t “service” them
— Plan on the Run = Plan - Execute - Learn - Adjust - Execute - Learn - Adjust…
— Learn about PEOPLE rather than study markets
— Segment a market until you are nose-to-nose with a HUMAN
— Discover Customer “SECRETS”, needs are not enough
— Create EXPERIENCES for people; don’t flog products
— Service Recovery = Screw someone over + Fix it Fast +++ SURPRISE them with what they DON’T expect
— Kill the DUMB RULES you have that really piss people off
— Hire for Goosebumps
— Leadership = “SERVING” Around
— Create your Strategic Game Plan in just 2 days; EXECUTE it on the 3rd
— (Success) = (Doing) (lots of) (imperfect) (stuff) (fast)
— Don’t expect people to lavish praise on you when you deliver what you promised. It’s the ante for playing the DAZZLE game
— Leaders micro-manage customer “moments”
— The perfect plan is an illusion. Spend 80% of your time on #execution
— Graduation puts you in the career hunting herd. Nothing more
— Shout out a CoNTRARIAN point of view




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