A Weekly Calendar for Leaders

Leaders require context for what they do and how they spend their time. A philosophy that guides their behavior and the things they treat as a priority.

Without context, leaders tend not to lead. They flit. They simply follow their nose and spend their time on the crisis of the day.

The appropriate leadership context for today’s rapidly changing and unpredictable world should be all about serving people; “on the inside” – employees, and people “on the outside” – customers.

You can’t plan your activities for the week without getting your thinking straight on which philosophy YOU believe in as a leader.

Do you want to control and direct people or do you want to serve and take care of them?

For some, subordinating oneself to another person is completely out of their comfort zone.

The issue is: which leadership philosophy better serves an organizational strategy today in a world where long term success and survival depends on the ability to stand out from the competitive herd? Where execution separates the winners from the losers; where employee engagement determines if your game plan rocks or goes down in flames.

My money’s on serving.

If you decide to serve rather than control, this book is for you.

I will show you some simple, practical things you can do every day of the week to promulgate serving both within your organization where your warriors live, and on the outside where customers live.


Thoughtful remarks from my readers…

“Leadership isn’t about titles, rules of thumb, processes and control. Rather, leadership is about being available – to listen, to guide, to create memorable experiences at every touch point. Be different – or be dead. Be ourselves – or not be ourselves. If we aren’t different, well, we might as well be gone. Thank you so much for writing this piece – a valuable guide for years to come.”—Elena Iacono, Communications Professional, Toronto Canada

“It’s crisp and easy to follow. Just 5 days of following this advice will make a whale of a DIFFERENCE! Well done!”—Nerio Vakil, President Total Business Solutions, Mumbai India

“Roy Osing is a leader focused on execution; this book will help you execute five key elements to make your company DiFFERENT. You will lead your team through helping them understand strategy and by removing obstacles. By executing Roy’s plan, you will have a challenging yet productive and insightful week ahead of you ”—Chris Hache, Host, Voices of Canadian Leadership Podcast, Halifax, Canada

“Love your “to the point” writing style; really sticks. And the key points are so valid particularly for younger leaders who think they have to control everything.”—Gerry Spitzner, Retail Pharmacy Expert, Vancouver Canada

“If you want to enhance your personal leadership style to transform your organization in a way that differentiates you in the marketplace, then I
would highly recommend you check out Roy Osing’s arsenal of leadership tools, and business enablement strategies. In his Weekly Calendar for
Leaders Roy outlines a week’s worth of simple, yet effective steps, and strategies that will help you create your own unique, servant leadership
style, and build a personalized, leadership blueprint for success.”—Gina Campbell, Senior Communications Manager, Soupcan Marketing, Vancouver Canada

Cover of A Weekly Calendar for Leaders

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