Six Acts of Leadership

The challenge facing a leader in today’s highly volatile economy is formidable. It is to create an organization to Stand-Out NOT Fit-In.

Companies that fail to break away from The Competitive Herd and establish themselves as Unique, Distinctive and Remarkable to their Fans fade away and eventually die. Road kill is everywhere.

This ebook is my message to leaders who want to create sustainable success for their organizations; who want to build something special that will be honored by their customers and loved by their employees.

My Six Acts of Leadership will help managers become Leaders. Who focus on execution rather than “the Plan”. Who carve out a One and ONLY competitive claim for their business to separate themselves from their competitors.

Who create memorable experiences for their Fans.

Who serve their employees to deliver Dazzling service.


What my Readers say…

“Roy’s done it again in this concise, quirky, thought-stimulating, cutting-edge and profitable book.  Open up your note-taking app and engage!”—Arthur R. Tymos, President & CEO Creation Technologies, Vancouver BC

“It’s a good fast read, power-packed with hard-core advice for today’s service providers. Following your advice, companies will learn to separate themselves from the herd and provide everlasting value by creating unique individualized customer experiences. What I like is that it’s an easy read, short, precise and focused on getting things done. I will be tweeting about it too.”—Nerio Vakil, President, Total Business Solutions, Mumbai, India

“Roy does an incredible job diagnosing one of the major challenges leaders face today -competitive mediocrity.  Being different and providing over the top customer service are not easy or inexpensive, but they are your best chance at long term success.  Roy’s work is mandatory reading for every FROGBOX Manager”—Doug Burgoyne, CEO, FROGBOX, Vancouver BC

“Roy has put in words something businesses (and governments for that matter) should all aspire to achieve - to dazzle their customers (or us as citizens). His Six Acts of Leadership provide a clear and simple roadmap to achieve a unique strategic path to sustainable success for any organisation, public or private.”—Egon de Haas, Global Director, Government & Public Services,  PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Six Acts of Leadership. I liked it. I liked the flow, I liked the nuggets of info condensed.”—Tina Thompson, CEO MUG Solutions, Vancouver BC

Cover of Six Acts of Leadership

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