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Why the unachievable is a great goal to set for your career in 2018 - this @Globe_Careers article is why I love @RoyOsing 's writing.”
“I highly value your articles in the Globe because you are the bridge between decades of formal business experience and understanding the new-school world of work. YOUR work is the tenured trusted content I need.”

— Paul Nazareth, @UinvitedU

"Roy consistently offers our readers direct, powerful advice that salespeople can put to instant use."

— Bruce Boyers, Managing Editor SalesPOP!

Tweet... "Life after Leadership by @Journaldotmedia - Great post via @RoyOsing"

— Giovanni @gvnngvnn, Servant leadership and Continuous learning

Tweet... "Brilliant. Highly encourage investment in the few minutes req'd to read and digest. @RoyOsing RT" — How does a leader encourage creative thinking within an organization?

— Wendy Woolfork, HR Exec, Princeton NJ

"A great article on leadership by Roy Osing, and something I need to self examine on how I am approaching my own leadership responsibilities."

— Norman Poon, CPHR, Team Lead Recruitment at Carewest, University of Alberta, Calgary, Canada

"I came across an article on your site titled Marketers should appeal to the heart not the mind. Great read!"

— Kenyetta Wiley , Content Marketing Specialist, Straight North

"I loved your recent article A beginners guide for building a personal brand which was published on our GOPCSOFT website . The Article went viral for 2 weeks in social media especially twitter and attracted a lot of audiences. Looking forward to similar articles from you in future."

— Manjesh Shetty, Founder of GOPCSOFT

"Congratulations for being one of the Top Ten Sales POP! Bloggers for 2016 as chosen by our readers... you were ranked #1 in the Top 10. Here is the winners page on Sales POP!. Thank you for contributing to our blog!"

— Nicole Finzi, Digital Marketing Specialist, Pipeliner Sales

"‬@RoyOsing I love what you wrote "Shut up and suck it up when you get punched in the gut." Great post! Thank you"

— Diana Adams, ‪@adamsconsulting

"I loved your most recent article on Talent Culture about taking employee engagement to the next level. I particularly liked the point to make engagement an individualized approach by working one-on-one with employees. Your topics have been hot ideas for a while now..."

— Lauren Holbrook, Communications Specialist, DecisionWise, Utah