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“Well said, Roy. I followed similar advice as a young man. I recall such an interaction with a prosperous land developer, and came away with valuable insights. Thanks for the article.” — How to get an amazing mentor

— Raymond Verlage, Executive Coach and Mentor, Royal Roads University, British Columbia

“Roy - excellent article! Thanks for sharing which I will be doing with my students and clients. Especially, the last two sentences - the bottom line.” — How to get yourself ready for graduation

— Monica Moran, President at Moran & Associates, Harvard Business School, Ontario, Canada

“Your observations and recommendations were right on; timely, accurate and insightful. As the father of two kids in their late 20's, and now working in this field of human capital, it is nice to see some common sense and good advice.” — Why the magic question makes people successful

— Chad Hanna, President and CEO, Career Edge, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

“Your article is the lead story for the week“ — Turn sales into a strategic weapon

— SalesPOP! Purveyors of Prosperity

“Absolutely amazing agree with everything you wrote and am going to share, share if this is O.K.
Baking in the hot Mexican sunshine and telling the friend I am with about your article. Going to share in the lobby with other people I have met here.” — Will standout leaders ever rule the world?

— Dianne LaFrenier, High School and Facebook friend, Kimberley B.C.

”Wonderful piece Roy. I do my best to convey somewhat similar notions to students and young lawyers who ask me; but you are far clearer.” — What happens when you focus on your job instead of your career

— Jon Festinger, Principal, Festinger Law & Strategy, Faculty CDM, Co-editor in Chief, McGill University, Vancouver, BC

"A culture isn't created by corporate programs. It's defined by everyday personalized acts of leadership" - Check out bits of wisdom like this in @RoyOsing's article about how to retain your top talent - from @TalentCulture #Retention #EmployeeExperience”

— @TINYpulse

“Great thoughts on the importance of your front-line client success/ service teams! Couldn't agree more @RoyOsing”

— Keegan Howlett @TheHowlettzer

“Well said Roy!” — Sales management isn’t ... management

— Mandi Dhaliwal Rao, CMO at Fugue, San Francisco Bay Area

“Great article Roy! Thanks for sharing your wisdom!” — This is what happens when you have a leader who floats

— Christine Till, LinkedIn Expert, Speaker, Lead Generator, Blog Writer, Edmonton, Canada