The nice things people say about my work…


“I thoroughly enjoyed BE DiFFERENT YOU! It is very informative and written in an easy-to-read style that is complete with examples and real-life situations, which the author recants throughout the book. I would categorize this book as one which should be included in anyone’s repertoire of must-read literature. The advice and tips are sound and presented in a way that makes implementing them a doable action for anyone looking to make a career by reinventing themselves to move up the corporate ladder. I have and will continue to recommend this book as an important source for business and personal growth.”

— Cynthia Trivella, Director HR Communications, Open to Business Opportunities, Kansas City, Missouri”

"Roy has put in words something businesses (and governments for that matter) should all aspire to achieve - to dazzle their customers (or us as citizens). His Six Acts of Leadership provide a clear and simple roadmap to achieve a unique strategic path to sustainable success for any organisation, public or private."

— Egon de Haas, Global Director, Government & Public Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"Once again, where most have 'zigged', in EXECUTE First; Plan Second Roy has 'zagged'... and in this ever increasingly competive business environment, my bet is the zaggers will win the day!"

— Jim Francis, Founder - Wavemaker Consulting & Wavemaker Adventure Learning, Vancouver, Canada

"@nerio123: Recommended week-end reading... "Marketing in the Storm" by @RoyOsing . Pure dynamite advice in this changing environment."

— Nerio Vakil, President Total Business Solutions, Mumbai India

"Roy's strategic game plan presentation is full of ideas, advice and off-the-wall strategy that everyone from the individual salesperson to a corporate CEO would benefit from."

— Len Doray, Managing Partner, Homelife Benchmark Realty, White Rock BC

"Excellent workshop and definitely worth 3 hours of ones time. I highly recommend everyone in business to attend Roy's Strategic Game Plan Workshop. Very useful information that helps one think outside the box and make ones business stand-out from the competition."

— Suzanne Fontaine, Proactive Pathways Consulting, Vancouver

"Roy led us through the development of our Strategic Game Plan using his practical BE DiFFERENT Practices. The 2-Day experience for me and my Leadership Team was amazing!
We not only created a strategy that will take us on an exciting journey, we had fun and learned a lot about business at the same time. We decided to stay with Roy to help us execute out new SGP and keep us on track.
A great investment and I would definitely recommend it to others who are looking for a way to break away from the pack."

— Carolyn Douglas, Founder, Intranet Connections, North Vancouver BC

"Roy's concept of the ONLY statement is immensely powerful, and gave me a new perspective for my own company brand promise. If you have the opportunity to hear Roy live, consider it a distinct privilege. These books are must reads for those who seek success in the 21st century."

— Dr. David Chalk, Cybersecurity Management, Vancouver BC

"Two years ago I asked Roy to help me create a strategy that would breathe life into my new business idea. He did that an more. His vast experience, achievements and personal engagement skills allowed me to create a practical Strategic Game Plan in less than 2 days! My Plan declares my market uniqueness through The ONLY Statement and I was able to begin executing as soon as my session with Roy was over. Want to carve out your direction? Call Roy. You will be extremely pleased with the results."

— Tina Thompson, CEO MUG Solutions, Vancouver

"Eight months ago I contacted Roy Osing to help us create our ”We are the ONLY ones that...” statement. This was one of THE BEST decisions I have made as a leader of our organization.
The journey with Roy in creating our Strategic Game Plan and taking it to execution mode has been extremely rewarding not only for me but for each of our team members. Roy's approach is so refreshingly different that I asked him to continue to guide us and hold our (my) feet to the fire.
Through his hands-on and day to day coaching we continue to benefit from his rich knowledge, experience and very practical approach. has staked its position in the market as being a company that truly does standout.”

— Melany Hellstern, CEO,, Oakville,Ontario