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February 3, 2018

What to do so your boss could not live without you — guest post

In the world of work, it is often easy to feel like you’re expendable. There’s so much competition in the modern world, with more and more people receiving a full and extensive education. But there are ways to ensure you’re always top dog, no matter where you work or who you work for.

Follow these simple steps to make sure you’re never first on the boss’ lips when it comes to firing people, and work your way to the top.

1. Be loyal to your company
Even if you’re working a job that you hate, loyalty to your company is extremely important. You have to show that the job means something to you if you want your boss to recognise your worth.
That means no half-hearted attempts at a job, and no sneaking off for other interviews behind your boss’ back. Stick to the job at hand, and make sure your focus isn’t drawn away from what matters.

2. Get in with your co-workers
You might despise the people you work with. They might not be your kind of person at all, but being successful at work is all about good communication.
If you want to ensure your boss could not live without you, get in a good social circle. If you’re well liked in the office, you’ll have an extra security blanket around you when it comes to making cuts in the company. No one wants to fire their friend, right?

Stay alert

3. Be adaptable and stay on your toes
New challenges will be presented to you at work all the time. Don’t let them worry you, or stop you from excelling. If you’re working on something new that you don’t understand, that’s fine.
You can adjust if you put your mind to it and work hard. It’s okay to ask for help, so long as you’re moving forwards and getting better all the time.
Is the day to day grind getting you down?
Augmented reality is the new way to escape the nine to five life. Why live in this world when you can be a part of thousands?

4. Go the extra mile
Is the boss looking for someone to do overtime? Volunteer yourself. Is there a bunch of paperwork that needs doing after hours? Take it on. Doing the little extras for your boss shows them that you’re not just there for the nine to five slog.
It shows that you’re a valuable member of their team, and it’ll put you first in line for raises, promotions and all the best benefits of the company.

5. Keep saying yes and open doors for yourself
Take on any opportunity that you’re offered. If the company is looking for someone to go to a conference abroad, for example, take on the opportunity. Of course, you must consider your personal life before jumping in to anything, but the benefits you’ll reap from taking on anything thrown your way are astronomical. Keep in mind that opportunities don’t appear every day, and that there’s no turning back once you’ve said no.

Open doors

6. Make good use of your time
If you used to be one of those people desperate for a two-minute break at the coffee machine, drop that attitude. You’re better than that. Utilize your time to ensure that the work you produce is top notch. If it helps, create a timetable, and cram in as much work as you can (though quality is always the most important thing.) It’s surprising how much more you get done when you designate time for a specific task!

7. Don’t wait to be asked – just do it
There’s always something to do in a busy work environment, and often important tasks are abandoned in favour of the easy ones. These tasks are yours to take on. Find out what needs completing and do it without being asked.
You’re in control of how much you do, but even taking on a little extra work can be a really good sign for your boss that you’re not expendable.

8. Never stop trying
Each work environment is different. There are too many factors at play to give a fool proof plan to reach the top. But the one thing you can do is never stop trying. Giving up is the sign of someone who doesn’t care if they reach their goals or not. Never be that person. No matter how much work gets you down, remember the goal in sight and keep at it. Go in head strong and with your heart set on success, and you can never fall far from grace.

There will be tough times in any job, and there will be some setbacks. Don’t allow someone else getting a promotion to stop you reaching yours. Don’t focus on others – focus on your own merit, and achieve within your parameters.

The world is your oyster if you’re willing to put the hours in.

Irina Kashevskaya is a certified specialist at the Designdroide specializing in interior design, web design and graphic design.

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