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November 8, 2018

What deep-sea diving can teach you about trust — guest post

Trust is a fundamental part of life. It’s one of the most important values to have both in your personal life and in your work endeavours.
To gain the most insight from certain life experiences, you must be willing to entrust your skills, time and potentially your life in the hands of other people.

We all have a choice about which people we put our trust in. Choosing the right individuals to trust can be illustrated with a person learning how to scuba dive for the first time.
When you put yourself in seemingly ‘risky’ situations such as this – where you can only breathe with the aid of oxygen tanks and diving equipment – you learn first-hand about the importance of trusting the right people.

Sea diving

Trusting your diving instructor

So, what exactly does scuba diving teach you about trust?
Scuba diving is one of the most thrilling activities you can do. There’s nothing quite like diving deep underwater for the first time and discovering awe-inspiring marine life of all shapes, colours and sizes.
But the very act of going deep beneath the ocean’s surface can be terrifying for many people. The fear of the unknown or something going wrong discourages many people from the idea. But after a few minutes of breathing underwater, most first-time divers find that it’s not nearly as scary as it seems.

This is where trust comes in. Only those who place trust in other people will be brave enough to take the plunge and have an enjoyable diving experience.
After all, when you take a real diving course in the open ocean, you are entrusting your life in the care of certified professionals. You are trusting them to teach you the proper skills needed to survive.
You are trusting them to guide you and keep you safe. If you don’t put your trust in people this way, you may end up missing out on an experience of a lifetime.

By the time you have finished your first open water dive, you would have conquered your fears and overcome obstacles that you could have never imagined. You’ll feel an incredible sense of accomplishment.
The same philosophy applies to work and other personal opportunities too. You need to take a dive at some point – no matter how scary it is – to grow, learn about yourself and others, and broaden your comfort zone to enjoy new experiences.


Trusting your diving buddy

When you join a guided scuba diving course, your divemaster will usually set you up with a diving buddy.
This way, if you get lost, stressed, or have an accident, your buddy will be there to help and support you. Whether you’re diving with your best friend or set up with a complete stranger, you will naturally learn to work with your diving buddy while underwater, trusting them to look out for your safety and well-being, and vice versa.
The unique trust you build with your diving buddy has the capability of forming an extraordinary bond. In fact, many regular diving buddies have become lifelong friends because of the connection established through trust.

A new perspective

In addition to the invaluable life skills you learn through scuba diving, you also gain a much deeper understanding and appreciation of the underwater world.
You can’t discover the full potential of the fantastic world underneath the waves when you’re stuck on the shore.

Not until you explore the ocean’s breathtaking beauty do you gain a real connection to the underwater world.
Scuba diving is truly an experience like no other, where you will gain a newfound respect for the ocean and its lethal power.
At the same time, you will comprehend the fragility of life and how important it is to stay confident yet humble in your relationships with other people.

Cloe Matheson is a freelance writer from Dunedin, New Zealand who grew up in a very tight-knit family. She is extremely close with her Mum – her greatest role model. You can discover more of Cloe’s work on Tumblr.


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