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June 9, 2011

This is why call centers really piss people off

What is a call center?

It’s a centralized function that processes calls in the most cost efficient manner. Workforce management tools drive how the calls are handled in a way to maximize employee productivity. Metrics like “average speed of answer” and “average holding time” are used to measure the performance of the operations.

Technologies such as complex integrated voice response - IVR - and automated call distribution - ACD - systems are used to direct calls to the appropriate answering pods.

How does this square with creating a competency that delights your fans and keeps them coming back?

How does this relate to engaging with people in a caring manner?

Tough objective to achieve when the focus is more on efficiency and cost management than creating memorable experiences for people.

Call center

The disconnect between a call center and engaging with customers in a caring way begins with the name.

It shouldn’t be about an operations center that processes calls.

It SHOULD be about a team of people dedicated to serving customers beyond their wildness expectations.

It SHOULD be about creating loyalty.

It SHOULD be about delivering happiness.

Sadly a call center is typically not viewed as a core competency of a business. It is outsourced to reduce the costs of supply. And call center operations continue to focus on call processing efficiency.

And we will continue to be on the receiving end of “Your call is important to us” as we wait 45 minutes to be served.


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