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February 1, 2018

The proven stuff to make entrepreneurs incredibly rich

Check out this collection of articles on a variety of topics that will interest young professionals who are starting their business journey.

This is NOT a theoretical dissertation on what it takes to be successful. It’s a practical collection of perspectives on what works from someone who spent their entire career doing stuff differently than others.

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How to start your journey to be different

How to turn your awesome idea into a win

What happens when you hangout with someone for 50 years?

What is the difference between terrible and amazing service?

Startups: is your product actually important? 

Successful startups have an amazing focus on sales 

Spectacular new ideas have a strong social purpose

10 proven sales tips to make your startup successful

1 proven way your new idea has a chance of success 

The proven way to create a competitive advantage

What you need to build a successful career

5 astounding things that make small biz leaders great

8 amazingly simple things I did to make president


How to make your startup absolutely amazing

Why an unachievable goal can be the best type of goal

How to make sure your startup doesn’t burn up

What happens when what you know isn’t so important?

How can you make your competitive advantage last forever?

How to be a winning startup

Successful business people do these 10 things best

How important is the product really?

Three simple things you need to know when starting your career

Startup loser

How to avoid being a startup loser

This is what happens if you’re not different

What happens when startups avoid these 2 easy questions?

Young professionals, you’re doing it all wrong 

9 subjects business schools should teach (but they don’t)

Why do so many startups die?


How to eliminate the crap in your business

What happens when entrepreneurs offer 3 simple things?

Eight ways to build marketing muscle

Startups need to be different to win

6 deadly mistakes successful startups must not make

How can small business create a really awesome strategy?


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