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January 25, 2019

The one thing you can do to get your dream job — guest post

Dream job

Do you find it suspicious that there’s one critical thing you can do to succeed in work and life?
Well, if so, you haven’t been taking your education seriously.

That’s correct – while things such as knowing the right people, or being in the right place at the right time can help you advance your career, there’s one factor that trumps them all and is the basis without which you can never get where you genuinely want to — education.

It can be underestimated these days, but the truth is, it’s an essential step you need to take to build a career, reach your career goals and develop as a person.

If you feel you lack education, please don’t! It’s never late to learn!

Nowadays, especially in countries such as Australia or the U.S., and not to mention the online world, we have the resources to never to stop learning and growing.

Develop your mind and devote the next year to education — here’s why.

To get knowledge

This one is fairly obvious. One of the main reasons why people get an education is the knowledge it offers them.
This knowledge can be both practical and factual – so not only will you know the why and the how, it will also enable you to work better in your current role and any roles you hope to get in the future.

This reason is strong enough to apply whether you are looking into a career change and starting in a new field from scratch, or just strengthening your skill set.

Always be aware of it, and never stop learning. The world is developing at such an intense pace today, and there’s always more to learn.

Keep up, and you’ll reach the top easier, and stay there as well.

Dream 1

To boost your confidence

Frankly, apart from the actual knowledge, a degree or certificate is another important tangible outcome we get when we enrol in any studies at any level.

And while the “piece of paper” is important evidence of completing your educational goals, the sense of accomplishment you get when you’re done is just as important.

Maybe you worked really hard to get it, or you never really thought you would succeed in getting one in this particular field, but seeing it with your name on it will prove you that all the work was worth it.

A degree is just a symbol of everything education will give you: knowledge, skills, experience, additional skills in communication.

No wonder getting a degree will work wonders for your confidence. Late nights of studying and doing poorly on a test will test it, but actually finishing what you started will make you feel like you’re on top of the world.

To invest in yourself

There’s no better investment than an investment you make in yourself. What you will get in material terms is temporary – one day it can be there, the next it can disappear.

We’ve witnessed economic crises and natural disasters, so one can never be too sure about your belongings. But what you add to your mind stays with you forever, and yes, it can always be a tool to make something material.

Whatever stage you are at life, if you’re not too happy about where you’re heading professionally, make a turn. Enrol a master’s course in a field you’re passionate about, even part-time if it’s easier.

It can also be a great opportunity to travel and meet new people, so maybe think about taking a course at Perth College of Beauty Therapy, or any other institution that accepts international students. Or find a class online if no university near you offers one on a topic you’re interested in.

The world really is your oyster, and whatever you get in terms of knowledge, will stay with you forever.

Dream 2

To grow your social network

Remember how easy it was to make friends and have lots of acquaintances when we were in school? It’s only partially because we were young and didn’t have elaborate criteria for friends.

The major reason is simple: we were with people every day! They were all at our disposal every day for 5-6 hours.

So if you feel that you’ve ended up in a rut because you only see your 3 colleagues every day and the occasional person in the gym, furthering your education will also help you meet new people.

They don’t have to turn into best friends for life (though it’s possible), but you have at least one thing in common already: an interest in the topic you’re studying!

Growing your social network is never a bad thing – who knows who you might meet through your new colleagues and how that might shape your prospective career!

If you’re looking for a career change or want to push your existing career in the right direction, find a course that might help you. It may be hard at times, but overall, it can be the best decision you will make for yourself.

Good luck!

Leila Dorari is an entrepreneur, self-development ambassador and an avid dog lover. She believes all people are born equal but only those dedicated and brave enough to work on themselves reach their full potential.

Leila Dorari

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