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April 9, 2012

This is what brilliant ME marketers do

“ME” marketing involves the transformation of marketing from treating markets as homogeneous groups of people to examining the needs and wants of separate individuals.

The ME marketer:

1. Is driven by individual people not markets or populations.

2. Listens to what individuals have to say. Avoids doing a whole lot of talking.

3. Puts the individual before the average needs of the crowd.


4. Is ok with the possibility of creating a unique product for each person they serve.

5. Drives IT to “mass-customized” serving systems capable of uniqueness delivered to thousands of customers.

6. Reserves Customer Appreciation Day celebrations for specific customers who have demonstrated their loyalty to the company for many years.

7. Avoids mass media advertising as an impersonal and unproductive way to communicate with individuals. Looks to the power of the internet and social media to talk to specific individuals.

8. Uses every tool available to build relationships with people rather than flog products at them.

9. Believes strong relationships will deliver a growing and steady revenue stream as opposed to hard sell tactics which might pump short term sales.

10. Is a strong advocate for the customer inside their organization, doing battle for them on the inside. Protecting them from frustration and a waste of their precious time. They do whatever it takes to preserve customer relationships.

11. Does whatever it takes to try and eliminate any dumb rules in their organization that infuriate customers and threaten their loyalty.

Mass marketers are a dying breed.

They deserve to be. They’re irrelevant to the ME.


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