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September 1, 2011

Why were The Grateful Dead amazing marketers?

The most successful touring concert band was The Grateful Dead. Some of you may have even been “Dead Heads”; members of their tribe.

Apart from their musical genius, however, was their marketing acumen.

Students of the Dead discover just how progressive their thinking was when it came to building a fan base and creating financial success.

Grateful dead

Here are 3 things the Dead did to separate themselves from other bands.

1. Focus on your fans for growth.
Delight them and trust they will not only buy your stuff but they will talk about you to others. The Dead gave their fans a priority over others. Long before social media tools were available they made a point of knowing who their fans were.
They engaged with them and kept them up to date on concerts and other happenings. Their loyal fans were the FIRST to get preference on seating and any other special deals the Dead were offering. Word of mouth was their focus for growth. It happened.

2. Create amazing experiences for your fans.
If you WOW! their feelings, they will most certainly do business with you. The Dead didn’t sell records. They focused on blowing their fans away at their concerts; by creating an experience they would never forget. Their fans returned the favor by buying records.

3. Don’t copy best in class organizations.
All that will do is perpetuate what the Herd does. Don’t conform, be different. The Dead made it easy for fans to record their music. They provided recording equipment to do it when every other band jealously protected their music from being recorded by audiences. The Dead didn’t care what any other band did. They wanted to go against the grain to make it easy for their fans to record and share their music.

BE DiFFERENT marketing has it’s roots in unexpected places. Check out the Dead!


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